Which superhero has the dumbest explanation for time travel



Time travel is inherently a silly sci-fi premise, but which superhero has the most wacky, ridiculous method of time travel?

Perhaps the ultimate and most devastating superpower is time travel. Any hero (0 or villain) who can time travel at will has the potential to radically alter the course of historical events; they can impart crucial information to themselves, bring other people into the future to see their accomplishments, or prevent the birth of their enemies. Superheroes typically refrain from these dark uses of their powers, but during the Silver Age their methods of time travel were inherently absurd. The first time travel repeat offender among superheroes was none other than Superman – and his method of time travel set the standard for launching science to the winds.


When he debuted in Action Comics # 1 in 1938, Superman possessed only a small fraction of the powers he has now. He was fast, but couldn’t break the sound barrier; strong, but couldn’t lift more than a large vehicle; durable, but “… nothing less than a bursting shell cannot penetrate his skin!” “ – and although he could jump high enough, he couldn’t really fly. All of that changed during the Silver Ages of the late 50s and early 60s, when Superman could lift planets, survive a nuclear blast, and fly faster than the speed of light – that is there that the writers of DC Comics had the idea that Superman breaks the “barrier of time”.

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The Silver Age Superman believed that by flying as fast as possible he could “… break down the barrier of time!” Sometimes this was because Superman was flying faster than the speed of light (although scientifically, the theory of relativity only allows forward travel into the future, not the past). This was typically represented by Superman flying past the numbers, signifying important dates and eras throughout history. Realizing that this power made all of Superman’s conflicts meaningless, the writers slowly knocked him out of the sequel… but the same couldn’t be said for The Flash.

The Flash has several methods of time travel: Like Superman, he can run faster than light, allowing him to travel both forward and backward in time. Unlike Superman, his connection to the near-mythical Speed ​​Force allows him to avoid typical annoyances like physics, cause and effect, and all other scientific hurdles as he moves forward. He would later acquire the Cosmic Treadmill, a device that used Flash’s running abilities to time travel more accurately.

But unlike Superman, The Flash constantly faced the consequences of time travel, especially during the 2011s. Breaking point Event. In an attempt to time travel to save his mother, Barry Allen awoke to a world on the brink of war between the Amazons and the Atlanteans, and Bruce Wayne was killed in his father’s place. Eventually, The Flash fixed what was wrong with the same silly method of time travel as Superman – running incredibly fast. But at the same time Superman’s the time travel capabilities could be used as often as desired, the Flash had significant consequences, which ultimately made for a better story.

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