What the inclusion of Mobius means for Deadpool 3


After years of anticipation, details are slowly leaking out on what audiences can expect from Dead Pool 3. It has already been confirmed that Shawn Levy will direct the film, reuniting with star Ryan Reynolds after working together on free guy and The Adam Project. The plot will bring the Merc with the Mouth into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and, most tantalizingly, will feature the return of Hugh Jackman as Logan, marking the big-screen team-up of Deadpool and Wolverine that fans have been dreaming about.

However, with these lofty ambitions, the question remains as to what form the story will take. Marvel may have indirectly given the answer, with reports claiming that Owen Wilson will co-star in the film, reprising his MCU role as Mobius Mr. Mobius. Given what is known about the character, this gives rise to theories about where – or when – Dead Pool 3 will go.

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Where Owen Wilson’s Mobius Has Been in the MCU

Mobius and Renslayer

Mobius debuted in the first season of Loki as a member of the Time Variance Authority, a cosmic bureaucracy dedicated to maintaining the integrity of “the sacred timeline” and preventing any event that might bifurcate and recreate the multiverse. Although an experienced and devoted agent, Mobius began to doubt the effectiveness of TVA’s mission. This comes to a head when Mobius helps Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and his variant Sylvie (Sophie Di Martino) track down the TVA boss, The One Who Remains (Jonathan Majors), a variant of the MCU’s next arch-villain, Kang the Conqueror. . Sylvie kills The One Who Remains, altering TVA’s history and reviving the multiverse.

While Kang’s foray into the MCU will truly begin in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumaniafallout from Loki was explored at various points in phase four. Seeing parallel realities was not only the starting point for What if…? but Spider-Man: No Coming Home and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness as well. These projects have seen Marvel film actors outside of the MCU reprise their roles, including Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield as the dimensionally displaced Spider-Men and Patrick Stewart as X-Men leader Charles Xavier, bringing the conversation back in Wolverine.

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What Mobius’ Return Means For Deadpool 3

Deadpool 3 Wolverine

Given Marvel’s attitude of bringing comic book actors back, it’s not too surprising that Jackman was invited back as Wolverine. However, fans wondered what form his return would take, given the character’s death in 2017. Logan. However, with Mobius involved, it’s not hard to imagine Deadpool embarking on time travel shenanigans to bring back his favorite X-Man. It probably wouldn’t undo Logan’s death, but rather bring a different version of him to the fore to accompany Deadpool on whatever adventure he’s embarking on.

Plus, the inclusion of Mobius might answer the question of how Deadpool moves on from Fox. x-men film continuity in the MCU. Although the TVA’s new history is unknown at this time, the fact that it is set under the control of a parallel Kang suggests that multiversal travel is a possibility. Mobius could transplant Deadpool from one story to another without disrupting either. And a multiversal adventure means fans could see Deadpool visit previous Marvel films. A rumor already suggests that Deadpool will meet Fox’s Fantastic Four, but this could only be one step in an adventure that brings all of Marvel’s projects together under one banner.

This is of course only speculation, but it is not out of the realm of possibility. Outside of the story mechanics needed to make such an ambitious crossover, the dead Pool franchise is ambitious enough to try it. Deadpool has often relied on meta-humor and breaking the fourth wall to add color and humor to his stories. Seeing him break the boundaries of the movie’s own continuity in the name of fanservice is the kind of move fans might expect – and even hope for – from Merc with the Mouth, and Mobius could be the key to making it happen.


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