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TThe NASA chief hinted at the possibility that some UFOs could be alien life forms or beings from an alternate universe this week.

Bill Nelson, who has served as President Joe Biden’s NASA administrator since May, said Tuesday he was unsure of what some of the unidentified aerial phenomena observed by Navy pilots were. He said, however, that “we hope it’s not an adversary here on Earth that has this kind of technology,” bringing up the subject of the search for extraterrestrial life and the mystery of UFOs spontaneously after a go-and-go. – comes on what would happen if a massive asteroid hit Earth.

“Before I left, I didn’t even talk about finding alien life. What do you think we’re doing on Mars? We’re looking for life. It’s part of the NASA mission. That’s what this telescope is going to search. Are there other planets elsewhere where there is life? “Nelson said towards the end of an extensive hour-long discussion with Larry Sabato of the Center for Politics. University of Virginia. “I know what you saw is what those Navy pilots saw in 2004, and there have been some 300 sightings since then.”

Nelson said that “I spoke to these pilots, and they know they saw something, and their radars got locked on it, and then all of a sudden it was here”, as he was going down eyes, “to the surface and then it’s there,” as he pointed out.

“And they don’t know what it is, and we don’t know what it is. We hope it’s not an adversary here on Earth that has this kind of technology. But it is something. And so, it’s a mission that we’re “constantly looking for – what, who’s out there? Who are we ? How did we get here? How did we come to be who we are? How did we develop? How did we civilize? And are those same conditions out there in a universe that has billions of other suns in billions of other galaxies – it’s so big I can’t imagine it, ”he continued.


Sabato attempted to draw a final position from the NASA administrator, highlighting a May episode of 60 minutes on UFOs and commenting that there was speculation as to whether the sightings were caused by China, the Russians, or “alien intelligent beings”.

“What’s your theory? he asked Nelson. “You’ve heard a lot of options. Which do you think is the most believable, if you could choose? “

“I don’t know the answer to that,” Nelson said. “But I know this, that my personal opinion is that the universe is so big, and now there are even theories that there could be other universes, and if so, who am- I mean that planet Earth is the only location for a civilized and organized form of life like ours? ” The NASA chief added: “Are there other terrestrial planets? I certainly think so, because the universe is so big.

In June, a long-awaited but very brief assessment by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence examined 144 UFO reports from US government sources between 2004 and 2021. Eighty were observed with several different sensors, and most reports described UFOs. as objects that have interrupted planned military training or other military operations. The ODNI report said “a handful” of UFOs “appear to demonstrate advanced technology” and “in 18 incidents, described in 21 reports, observers reported unusual movement patterns or flight characteristics UAP “.

The intelligence community has warned that “some PSUs may be technologies deployed by China, Russia, another country or a non-governmental entity.” ODNI said UFOs “would also pose a challenge to national security if they were collection platforms for foreign adversaries or provided evidence that a potential adversary had developed revolutionary technology. or disruptive “. The possibility that UFOs are of extraterrestrial origin has not been discussed.

Navy pilots such as Cmdr. Dave Fravor, Lt. Cmdr. Alex Dietrich, and former Lieutenant Ryan Graves, as well as former head of the US government’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, Luis Elizondo, and former Assistant Deputy Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, Christopher Mellon, all weighed in during the May episode 60 minutes say that UFOs are real, although what exactly they are remains a mystery.


Last year, Navy videos were released through the Freedom of Information Act that showed UFOs moving at incredible speeds and performing impressive aerial maneuvers. One of the videos was shot in November 2004, featuring the so-called Nimitz encounter, while the other two, during which Navy pilots could be heard expressing disbelief, were filmed in January 2015. All three UFO videos were captured by Navy F / A Super Hornets -18, and the Pentagon has been working to confirm the authenticity of a number of other UFO videos.

John Brennan, who was director of the Central Intelligence Agency under former President Barack Obama, hinted at the existence of UFOs on a podcast in December, saying that “some of the phenomena we’re going to see continue to be unexplained and could, in fact, be a type of phenomenon that is the result of something that we do not yet understand. “Former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe also said in an interview in June that UFOs exist , adding that they appear to be displaying technology that the United States does not have and does not have the capacity to defend itself.

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