Want to explore AI? Here are 5 best universities to choose from


Every time I use Google’s voice recognition feature, I wonder, at least for a brief moment, how amazing it is. There is no other adjective to describe it; it’s incredibly real and that makes the artificial intelligence (AI) so intriguing. AI represents a promising challenge for human life and the future, as it becomes increasingly adept at simulating human intelligence and facilitating the way of life.

Everyone, from governments to businesses, is investing their energy and resources to experiment and harness the potential of AI, but all need professionals and researchers to make this possible. This is where higher education comes in.

Unless there are students interested in AI, AI developments cannot progress. Some universities have measured the benefits of this growing demand and have started to offer degree courses in the field. The world’s top universities are already in the game, and I’ve mentioned a few of them here. If you’re interested in AI, these places are great places to start.

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), United States of America
    To galvanize the industrialization efforts of the country, MIT was founded in 1861. Currently ranked among the best, it is known for its comprehensive courses in the field of science and technology and the conduct of groundbreaking research activities in its many centers and laboratories such as the Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Lab which itself includes no less than 21 research groups. To further his research activities, he collaborated with a number of elite institutions such as Harvard University with which he founded the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technologies.

  2. Stanford University, United States of America
    Leland Stanford Junior University, or informally referred to as Stanford University, is a very famous institution of higher learning that was established in 1885. Its academic organization is large and diverse, comprising up to 40 academic departments. There are 7 schools including that of Humanities and Science, Law, Education, Medicine and Business. In terms of research publications, Stanford has only a few peers. It started with its AI course in 1962 and operates a laboratory that engages in research activities relating to a range of related fields such as robotics and deep learning.

  3. Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), United States of America
    Following the merger of the Mellon Institute of Industrial Research and the Carnegie Institute of Technology, the current CMU was founded in the year 1900. Originally an institute of technology, it gradually transformed its academic organization to include several other disciplines such as Fine Arts, Commerce, Computing, Information Systems, and Humanities and Social Sciences. It was the first university in the country to offer an undergraduate program in AI under the CMU School of Science which also maintains many research departments in the related field.

  4. The University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley), United States of America
    With a composition of 14 colleges and schools encompassing hundreds of degree programs, UC Berkeley is ranked among the best universities in the world. Known for maintaining some of the world’s most renowned research facilities, such as the Research Institute of Mathematical Sciences, it has developed a coveted status as a spearhead of top research for the country and the world. It offers courses in chemistry, environmental design, arts and sciences, natural resources, business, and artificial intelligence, among others. In the year 2016, it launched an AI research center and operates a lab called the BAIR Lab which involves researchers in the said field.

  5. Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore
    Ranked among the top 50 in the world, NTU is a national research university and the pride and joy of Singapore. Presently, it has been organized into colleges, schools and institutes including Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine, National Institute of Education, College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences and S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies. It maintains 2 research centers of excellence which have been credited with the institution’s high reputation in research. For those interested in AI, there is an AI degree program and a few labs and centers such as the Computation Intelligence Lab (CIL) to complete the learning process.

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