Top 5 Videos: Radford Motors Uses 3D Printing to Customize Cars


Like every Sunday, today we bring you the best 3D printing videos of the week. This week, learn how Radford Motors is using additive manufacturing to customize luxury automobiles. Then, discover a Tedx conference, in which Alexandre Meurisse, a researcher at the European Space Agency who has used additive manufacturing in his research related to space explorations, is interviewed. Later, we learn the story of Jordan and his doctorate in 3D printing. Finally, we’ll see a PLA-CF print test with the Flashforge Creator 4 printer. Don’t miss it!

Top 1: Radford uses 3D printing to customize its cars

UK-based Radford Motors builds exclusive luxury automobiles with an emphasis on craftsmanship, limited production, customization and performance. To prototype and build the Radford Lotus Type 62-2 production vehicle, the company relied on additive manufacturing to enable an agile development and production process. The combination of printer capability and strong, yet lightweight materials gives Radford Motors the ability to design and build the tooling and components for each custom vehicle much faster and more cost effectively than conventional production methods. The capabilities offered by additive manufacturing help make Radford Motors’ business model of producing low-volume, highly customized automobiles economically viable. Find out more in the video below!

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Top 2: Sustainable space exploration with 3D printing

Another of this week’s top 3D videos is Alexandre Meurisse’s TEDx talk. Alexandre tells us about his research which focuses on sustainable space exploration, in particular by taking advantage of the resources available in space, starting with those of the Moon. In the talk, Alexandre not only shares recent scientific breakthroughs on additive manufacturing and oxygen extraction from lunar soil, but he will also show the audience how these advances for space exploration will inspire new generations and benefit Earth. .

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Top 3: Always get your prints right with LEHVOSS

In this next video, Thiago Medeiros Araujo from LEHVOSS tells us about the joint venture they have made with Ultimaker. LEHVOSS has high-performance materials, optimized for industrial 3D printing, enabling quality-controlled additive manufacturing for end-use parts. Its materials are of certified quality and have high mechanical resistance. In the video, he talks about LUVOCOM 3F PAHT® 9825 NT, the first certified material in the Ultimaker ecosystem. This new material is a high temperature polyamide based material that has the strength of a PA6 without sacrificing printability. Allowing parts to print right the first time.

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Top 4: Get real-world engineering experience in Australia

The following video tells the story of Jordan, an undergraduate biomedical engineering student at RMIT University in Melbourne. Jordan was doing an internship, which sparked his interest in additive manufacturing, and now he wants to further his education in this field by pursuing a PhD. Learn more about his story and why he chose this program!

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Top 5: A PLA-CF print test using Flashforge Creator 4

Founded in 2011, Flashforge is one of the earliest professional R&D and manufacturing enterprises of 3D printing equipment and materials in China. It is currently the first domestic company to rank third in the global ranking of consumer 3D printing brand manufacturers. One of Flashforge’s most famous printers is the Creator, a multifunctional, flexible and high performance commercial 3D printer – follow the video below to see how this printer prints with PLA-CF!

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