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Rose Leslie has already been cast in this six-episode adaptation of The Time Traveler’s Wife before opening Audrey Niffenegger’s iconic novel. The actress was stunned: “I thought it was the most heartbreaking and powerful love story I had read in a very, very long time.”

In Wifeartist Clare Abshire (Leslie) confronts that of her soul mate Henry DeTamble (Theo James, sandit) genetic disorder, which causes him to unwittingly travel back in time – sometimes to Clare’s own childhood. Here, Leslie breaks down the time-tormented couple for us.

(Credit: Macall B. Polay/HBO)

Tell us how you see Clare.

Rose Leslie: From an early age, her world begins to revolve around Henry. Growing up, she constantly juggles two scenarios – who she is when Henry is around and who she is when he’s missing. Adult Clare has this innate belief that she and Henry are meant to be together. She’s actually fiery and determined and patient and a hopeless romantic in that regard.

What are some of Clare’s unique challenges?

There’s a scene where there are two Henrys, and it slowly but surely processes the fact that she now has two Henrys in her life of different ages. And I guess there’s a wacky element to that, in his attempt to catch up and understand the enormity of the situation.

What makes these two a great couple?

They listen. They realize that they will grow together in their relationship, and they support each other. And I think that’s what keeps them going. When your other half travels through time, you have to be very, very understanding!

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