The MCU Is About To Host This Horde Of Super Villains


With their impressive powers and unforgettable personalities, Doom, Kang or Mephisto would be a great addition to the MCU.

With over a hundred hours of collective runtime under its belt, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has had plenty of time to introduce many of Marvel Comics’ most iconic heroes and villains, and Phase Four should feature a debut. even more expected. While the introduction of new heroes is usually the focus of every new installment in the franchise, a growing number of MCU fans have found themselves on the dark side, eagerly waiting to see which of Marvel’s famous (or infamous) villains make their mark. their screen debuts in the franchise’s upcoming movies and TV shows.

As seen in the widespread attention Ethan Hawk’s Arthur Harrow received after his debut in moon knightIn the first episode, MCU fans can’t wait to see their favorite heroes challenged by equally endearing villains. Luckily, many MCU fans are confident they won’t have to wait very long, pointing to potential clues found in some of the franchise’s newest releases, which could imply that some of the most terrifying villains and Marvel’s most memorable will soon make their MCU debut. .

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Doctor Doom

Although he is often portrayed as the archenemy of the Fantastic Four and shares a deeply personal animosity with the team, Doctor Doom’s unquenchable thirst for power has drawn him into conflict with nearly every hero in the universe. Marvel. Having attained absolute mastery in the fields of science and sorcery, Doom can take on many of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, and he knows it. Possessing an almost indestructible aura of cold, pragmatic confidence befitting his position as king of the tiny Eastern European nation of Latveria, Doom’s sinister stoicism would make him an excellent foil to the MCU’s many wise heroes.

Thanks to the recent acquisition of Twentieth Century Fox by The Walt Disney Company, the Fantastic Four are set to make their MCU debut very soon, and his status as the team’s main villain all but guarantees that Doom will be introduced alongside them. On top of that, many MCU fans believe that the first episode of moon knight may have subtly introduced the villain’s homeland of Latveria. After passing out, Seven Grant finds herself in a quaint European village in an unfamiliar land, and the near-medieval architecture and presence of an ornate castle has led many fans to believe the site of Steven’s first encounter. with the cult of Ammit may have been in Latvia.

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Kang the Conqueror

After its brief introduction in Doctor Strange, time travel has become a big part of the MCU, and its introduction opened the door for Kang of Conqueror to arrive. A descendant of Reed Richard’s father, Nathanial, who perfected the science of time travel in the thirty-first century, Kang has made it his mission to subjugate all existing timelines. Armed with an impressive array of cutting-edge technology, Kang has already established a vast trans-dimensional empire, giving him a nearly limitless supply of resources and control of an army made up of the population of entire planets, and those same traits could allow him become a threat to the entire MCU.

While Kang himself did not debut, the season finale of Loki, “For All Time, Always,” featured an alternate version of the time-traveling tyrant known as He Who Remains, the last survivor of a war between Kang’s alternate selves that nearly destroyed the multiverse. Although He Who Remains identifies himself as one of the more benevolent versions of himself, his willingness to manipulate the Time Variance Authority to eradicate entire timelines serves as an ominous warning of the damage his more malevolent other self could inflict on the MCU after its upcoming debut in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.

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As a response to the Judeo-Christian devil, Mephisto has established himself as the living symbol of evil within the Marvel Universe. Reigning over a fiery realm of eternal torment, Mephisto desires nothing more than to corrupt, enslave, and torture the souls of the living. Although Mephisto is unable to directly interact with the mortal plane, he can exert his will over reality by making Faustian deals with mortal beings, often granting them their heart’s desire in exchange for their soul. While his plans aren’t as straightforward as many other Marvel villains, his willingness to play the long game would make him an excellent slow-burning threat to MCU heroes.

Since the start of Phase Four, many fans have speculated that Mephisto would make an appearance, pointing out several potential clues that appeared in both. Wanda vision and Loki it seemed to imply that the demonic influencer would be revealed as the mastermind behind the events of both series. While none of these theories ultimately came to fruition, many fans continue to hold out hope that the demonic influencer will emerge to tempt the heroes of the MCU with an offer they can’t refuse.

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With their impressive powers and unforgettable personalities, Doom, Kang or Mephisto would be a great addition to the MCU. With the multiverse rolling out and the Fantastic Four and X-Men set to make their debut, the MCU’s villains are likely to get badder and badder.

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