The Link Click Season 2 Trailer Boasts A Mysterious New Character


A thrilling trailer for the second season of Click on the link introduces a new possible enemy for the time-traveling protagonist.

The official Click on the link The Twitter account released the latest promotional video for the upcoming second season. Season 1 ended with an intense cliffhanger, with the fate of one of the main characters unclear. In the tweet, Click on the link’The new trailer for s reveals that the introduction of a new character will draw Cheng Xiaoshi into a deep conspiracy in the second season.

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The video opens with the eerie ticking of the clock and an emotionally gripping OST, and the scene cuts to someone’s funeral. The photo is deliberately reflective so no one can see who the photo is, but the white and black shirt combination looks familiar from the attire one of the characters is wearing. In an empty cell, Cheng Xiaoshi sits alone and bursts into tears. The trailer shows Cheng Xiaoshi fighting the OVA’s Old Man with a knife, but he seems to have no authority over his body – someone is controlling him like they did with the season’s Liu Min and Emma 1.

Season 2 feels much more action-packed, with Cheng Xiaoshi being interrogated and, later, fighting off a thug with the help of Qiao Ling. At the end of the trailer, a man in a suit and glasses appears with a sinister smirk on his face. Fans were quick to point out, with concern, that Cheng Xiaoshi’s partner Lu Guang is missing from the trailer. The first season ended with Lu Guang’s life hanging in the balance.

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Directed by Li Haoling and produced by Studio LAN and Haoliners Animation League, Click on the link premiered on Chinese streaming platform Bilibili and Funimation in April 2021. An original donghua, the series follows two friends Cheng Xiaoshi and Lu Guang, who run a studio where they help customers solve mysteries and deliver messages to loved ones . With a simple high-five, Cheng Xiaoshi is able to time travel through photos and directly into the body of the photographer. Both have two rules: they only have 12 hours to complete a task and change nothing in the past. When an old case resurfaces, Cheng Xiaoshi and Lu Guang realize they may be up against a dangerous enemy. With a combination of fantasy, mystery and heartwarming moments, Click on the link rose to the top as one of the best series to watch in 2021. An English dub released on August 8th.

Since the end of the first season, Click on the link released a ten-episode chibi version of the main trio from August 2021 to June 2022. Season 2 of Click on the link will air in 2023. The first season of donghua is available on Funimation and Crunchyroll.

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