The first DC villains to time travel


Time travel can be a powerful weapon in the wrong hands. Every time a villain uses future technology or changes history, it requires multiple heroes to combine their efforts and work in tandem. Many Golden Age time travel stories had heroes facing a threat during the time period they traveled. Time-traveling villains didn’t become a regular feature of comic books until the Silver Age.

RELATED: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About The 1978 DC ImplosionTime travel has been a staple of comics ever since. DC in particular has always had a lot of fun with the concept, with old-school villains making good use of time travel. Superman, The Flash, and Shazam have all fallen victim to or had to stop time travel.

10/10 Dr. Sivana tricked (and probably saved) Captain Marvel with a time machine

At CC Beck’s Whizz Comics #26, Captain Marvel, now known as Shazam, built a time machine with Dr. Vanna, effectively an amnesiac Doctor Sivana. As Captain Marvel’s brightest villain, Sivana armed the time machine when he regained his memory. He then sent his enemy back into prehistory, but disregarded Billy Batson’s help.

A time traveler aged 6942 brought Billy Batson back to his present. As punishment, Captain Marvel sent Sivana 5,000 years into the future. The story implies that it was Sivana himself who helped Billy return to 1942. Even an evil scientist knows better than to cause a paradox.

9/10 Dr. Doome preceded Marvel by 20 years!

The Seven Troopers of Victory have stopped the time-bound plan of Dr. Doome and his time machine. The villain Doome predated the better-known Marvel villain by twenty years. With his time machine, he brought historical tyrants to 1942 to steal the money and components he needed to stabilize his time machine.

RELATED: 10 Best Time Travel ComicsThe seven soldiers confronted the scientist who had fled to ancient Troy. When pursued by the heroes, Doome flees to his present, hoping to tie them up in the past. They returned, and Doome again fled in his time machine, planned for the distant future. As the machine was still unstable, it exploded. The test took place in Top Comics #3by Cliff Young, Harold Sherman, Creig Flessel, Mort Meskin, Jack Lehti and George Papp.

8/10 Georgia Sivana and Sivana Jr. traveled back in time to help their father’s evil plan

In Marvel Family #10, Otto Binder, CC Beck, Pete Costanza, Jack Binder and Bud Thompson introduced two of Sivana’s children to time travel. Sivana seeks to power a machine to block Shazam lightning and sends her daughter Georgia and son Sivana Jr. 10,000 years into the past and future of Atlantis. The three Sivanas have captured the Marvel Family’s depowered alter egos.

Sivana’s machine covers Earth in a cloud of electrons, blocking Shazam lightning. The Sivanas delight in their prisoners by making them the targets of a hunt. They fail to secure their airship and the electron machine, which the Marvel Family destroys. This restores their powers and they capture the Sivana family.

7/10 Per Degaton changed history but forgot everything

Per Degaton was the assistant to Professor Zee, who had invented the time machine. Degaton was brilliant, but mean and ambitious. He shot Zee and stole the time machine. Degaton went on and changed the past, eliminating technology except for weapons which he kept safe from effect.

The Justice Society decided to arrest him and rescue Professor Zee. They chased him back in time when he changed the winner of the historic battle of Arbela. The Justice Society prevented this, restoring the story to its normal course. It also meant that Per Degaton never traveled back in time, losing his memory of when he nearly took over the world. All this happened in All-Star Comics #35 by John Broome, Irwin Hasen, Lee Elias, Paul Reinman, Frank Harry and Joe Kubert.

6/10 Knodar escaped a century without crime

In Green Lantern #28, John Broome and Irwin Hasen introduced the last criminal of the 25th century, Knodar. Captured for his crimes, Knodar picks his pockets for a visiting lawyer. The device is a magitron that can create anything the user can think of. Using it, he creates a time catapult and travels to 1947.

RELATED: 10 Times The Justice Society LostUsing his stolen gun, Knodar separates Green Lantern from Alan Scott, allowing his henchmen to “kill” Green Lantern. Alan Scott forgets that he is Green Lantern, but still pursues Knodar dressed as Green Lantern. After Knodar captures him, Alan Scott regains his memory with the help of the 25th century lawman. They escape and capture Knodar, and the lawman brings the criminal back at the right time.

5/10 Xotar, the Weapons Master misread a 10,000 year old diary

As related in Brave and Bold #29 by Gardner Fox, Mike Sekowsky, Joe Giella and Bernard Sachs, Xotar came from the year 11960. He was on the run from the Intersolar Police with his robotic time machine and became convinced of his destiny to defeat the Justice League with a barely legible journal of Wonder Woman. He took multiple weapons in his giant time-traveling robot.

He challenged the members of the Justice League, with the exception of Superman, who did not respond to their alert. Xotar took on the entire team and was doing just fine with his latest weapon, an illusion maker. Then Superman returned from his adventure elsewhere in time and destroyed Xotar’s robot and weapons solo.

4/10 Dev-Em was a juvenile delinquent before he was a Legion ally

Jerry Siegel and George Papp created Dev-Em in Adventure Comics #287 and #288. On Krypton, Jor-El lived next door to a juvenile delinquent named Dev-Em. Dev-Em saved himself and his parents from Krypton’s destruction. When they arrived on Earth years later, only Dev-Em woke up from suspended animation. Noticing that Kal-El was doing good deeds as Superboy, Dev-Em set out to ruin Superboy’s reputation.

RELATED: The 10 Best Superboy Versions, RankedDev-Em trapped Superboy in the Phantom Zone and impersonated him. His reckless pranks made everyone hate Superboy. He then freed Superboy to deal with the ramifications of Dev-Em’s actions. Dev-Em took his sleeping parents and their shelter, and flew to the future. In the 30th century, Dev-Em reformed and joined the Interstellar Counterintelligence Corps.

3/10 The Time Lord Wasn’t The Main Villain In His First Story

The Time Lord is a sad example of an early villain. Her first story was in Justice League of America #10 and #11 by Gardner Fox, Mike Sekowsky and Bernard Sachs. There he gave the JLA a good fight by summoning armies from the past and the future. Unfortunately, Felix Faust then chose to use the Justice League to seek massive power. Faust ripped the League off in the middle of their battles, trying to free the demons Abnegazer, Rath, and Ghast.

The Justice League hunted the Time Lord until 3786, when they captured him. On the way back to their present, the same demons that employed Felix Faust captured them. At a time when time travel villains posed a massive threat, the Time Lord fell flat.

2/10 Abra Kadabra has sought glory in the past

In Flash #128, Gardner Fox, Carmine Infantino and Joe Giella chronicled Abra Kadabra’s quest for 20th century fame. Returning from 6363, he turns to crime when the Flash eclipses his magic shows. The Flash cannot exceed Kadabra’s magical powers created by 64th century science. He even manages to send the speedster into space.

The Flash returns to Earth, but the success of its 64th century technology makes Kadabra overconfident. Flash moves the villain into the path of his own hypnotic ray, then takes the paralyzed magician to prison.

1/10 Jax-Ur tricked Superman with time travel

The bottle city of Kandor sometimes issues criminals from the Phantom Zone of Krypton. In Action Comic #310 of Leo Dorfman, Curt Swan and George Klein, Jax-Ur hatches a plan. He convinces Superman that he can cure a plague in Atlantis by returning to Krypton before it explodes.

There, he causes a specific Jewel Mountain to become a sixth form of Kryptonite. He and the Phantom Zone villains use it to convince Superman that he is exploding any nearby fuel. Superman realizes the deception and destroys the Jewel Kryptonite.

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