“The Adam Project”: Everything we know


The time travel story is a sci-fi movie staple, and Netflix has another entry in the genre with Ryan Reynolds’ next star. The Adam Project.

An original idea written by Jonathan Tropper (To see), TS Nowlin (Pacific Rim: Uprising), Jennifer Flackett (Big mouth) and Mark Levin (Big mouth), directed by Shawn Levy, Reynolds told Variety at the premiere of the movie The Adam Project is reminiscent of many 1980s sci-fi and adventure movies like HEY, Back to the future Where The Goonies.

But what is The Adam Project, who is in it and when can you watch it? Here’s everything we know about The Adam Project.

“Project Adam” release date

The Adam Project will be one of the new titles on Netflix in March, with the film premiering exclusively on the streaming service on Friday, March 11, wherever Netflix is ​​available.

Netflix promises a new original movie to debut on its service every week of 2022 – highlighting many of them in a trailer – and The Adam Project is certainly one of his most prominent films in this range.

What is the “Adam Project” about?

The Adam Project is a time travel story that sees a fighter pilot from the year 2050 team up with himself, 12, and his late father on a mission to save the future.

Netflix class The Adam Project in the sci-fi, family and action/adventure genres. It has also been officially rated PG-13.

The Adam Ryan Reynolds Walker Scobell Project

Ryan Reynolds and Walker Scobell in “The Adam Project” (Image credit: Netflix)

Trailer “The Adam Project”

While it doesn’t go into as much detail as the synopsis above, The Adam Project The trailer showcases the tone of the film, the dynamic between Ryan Reynolds’ older Adam and his younger co-star Walker Scobell, and some of the action that’s in store. Give him a watch for yourself here.

The cast of “The Adam Project”

A movie starring Ryan Reynolds is going to grab attention no matter what, but there are a number of names to get moviegoers excited The Adam Project.

Reynolds plays the titular character of Adam, the adult version of 2050. Reynolds is best known for his role as Deadpool in the titular superhero films, but is coming off a big year in 2021 which saw him star in free guy and another great Netflix movie, red notice; he also had Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard Last year.

Play opposite Reynolds as young Adam will be newcomer Walker Scobell. This is Scobell’s first film credit, with him winning the role through an audition process. Reynolds said Variety that Scobell is a great dead Pool fan who knew the movies incredibly well. “He knew them back and forth. So, logically, we worked so well because he could be a mini-me.

The Adam Walker Scobell Ryan Reynolds Project

Walker Scobell and Ryan Reynolds in “The Adam Project” (Image credit: Netflix)

others in The Adam Project the cast includes Mark Ruffalo playing Adam’s father and Jennifer Garner as Adam’s mother (a 13 Ongoing 30 meeting!). Zoe Saldana (guardians of the galaxy) is also on board as the character Laura, as is Catherine Keener in an unspecified role.

The Adam Zoe Saldana Ryan Reynolds Project

Zoe Saldana and Ryan Reynolds in “The Adam Project” (Image credit: Netflix)

Director of “Project Adam”

Shawn Levy directs The Adam Project. The film is a reunion for Levy and Ryan Reynolds, the two having worked together on 2021 free guy.

Levy is no stranger to Netflix either, as he’s a producer and has directed several episodes of the streamer’s hit series. stranger things.

Other projects on Levy’s resume include the Night at the museum franchise, This is where I leave you, The internship and A romantic date.

How to watch “The Adam Project”

The Adam Project is, again, a Netflix-exclusive movie, so you’ll need to sign up for Netflix if you want to watch it when it’s released on March 11.

The good news is that even if you haven’t signed up for Netflix yet, it’s easy to do so. Simply go to Netflix.com to start the signup process.


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