Shadow Mystery & Shinpei’s High-Stakes Time Manipulation Ability, Explained


Daylight saving time rendering debuted alongside other spring 2022 anime, however, the story plot quickly set it above its peers. The show features a shadow-based mystery haunting the island of Awajishima – the hometown of Shinpei Ajiro, the story’s protagonist. Upon Shinpei’s arrival on the island after his friend’s death, he discovers that there is more to her death than he initially thought. Still, Shinpei dismisses her sister Mio’s deductions when she suggests that Ushio was killed by her doppelganger.


Coupled with the story of the old hunter, Nezu, Shinpei then begins to give merit to the ‘Shadow Disease’ tale until he is killed by Mio’s doppelganger or rather ‘Shadow’. Amazingly, instead of dying from the killing blow, Shinpei goes back in time, starting a death-based time loop. Daylight saving time rendering viewers have witnessed Shinpei’s time manipulation ability throughout the series thus far. So how does the ability work?

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The mystery of the shadow

Daylight saving time rendering is a show full of mysteries lined with unpredictable events and shocking moments. The story reminds fans Re: zero due to Shinpei’s time loop and similarity to Subaru’s Return by Death ability; however, Shinpei’s ability appears to be more complicated than the first one. The story’s shadow mystery begins after Mio confronts Shinpei that “death by accidental drowning was not the cause of Ushio’s disappearance”. The whole notion causes a lot of controversy until it is confirmed by the sudden murder of Shinpei & Mio by a mysterious being with Mio’s exact appearance. Shinpei watched the “Shadow” kill Mio in front of his eyes, but luckily he got another chance to start over by unconsciously returning to the past.

Using the knowledge he gained from his first death, Shinpei warned Mio in advance of the Shadow’s real existence so they could work together to defeat the mysterious being. In episode two, Shinpei witnessed the true “Shadows” ability. These “otherworldly” beings kill their victims and use their shadows to transform into their exact appearance – their versions are so similar to the original humans they kill that it’s hard to tell them apart without knowing of their existence. . Unfortunately, even Shinpei’s little knowledge of their existence failed to foil the Shadows’ plans as they killed him again after discovering their secret.

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As usual, Shinpei returns to the past but this time decides to do something different: trust his friend Sō Hishigata by revealing the whole shadow saga to him. With Mio, they come up with a unique term to identify with the shadow to avoid infiltration. Unfortunately, their meager plan failed in episode five as, unbeknownst to the trio, the Shadows have access to their victim’s memories. Thus, Shinpei’s shadow managed to infiltrate the group without their knowledge. From the very first episode, the shadows seemed like sinister beings with a somewhat evil purpose that harms humans on Awajishima. However, the appearance of Ushio’s shadow turns this assumption upside down.

Acting similarly to the original Ushio, viewers begin to wonder if Shadow Ushio is the real Ushio in shadow form, or maybe Shadow just likes to play “Ushio”. Before the end of the episode, Daylight saving time rendering introduced viewers to a multi-armed shadow, most likely the boss of Shadows, who appeared and helped slaughter all the people of Awajishima Island. His rantings hinted at a general goal for “Mother”, a being they most likely work for, which appeared in the final minutes of episode five. However, despite revealing the Shadow’s true form, bosses, and uncertain purpose, the series still begs the question, “Where did the Shadows come from?” Are they manufactured aberrations, aliens, or supernatural beings?”

Shinpei’s time manipulation ability and its potential potential

Shinpei’s time warp skill seems to be the highlight of Daylight saving time rendering. The benefits of this ability were first shown in the brief one-sided conversation Shinpei first had with Ushio in the series’ first episode. However, Shinpei’s ability was not fully demonstrated until he was killed by Mio’s Shadow. After his supposed death, he reappeared on the ship heading for Awajishima Island, which he boarded a few days ago. At first, Shinpei decided to consider his past actions and his death as a dream, but after seeing the past repeat itself, he then realizes two facts: he is dead and he has returned to the past.

The back-to-the-past event may have been a fluke or an unnatural phenomenon, but Shinpei’s trip to the past after his second death confirmed the ability. However, the ability was still left in the dark until the Shadows first hinted that its ability was connected to his right eye. The Four-Armed Shadow explained that Shinpei’s right eye was “Mother’s long-lost eye”, confirming Shinpei’s supernatural ability and the possibility that Mother was a supernatural being since the time-warping eye left him. once belonged. Even Shinpei’s Shadow wasn’t surprised when he absorbed Shinpei’s memories and discovered that he had traveled back in time on two different occasions, so Shinpei’s ability is probably a phenomenon the Shadows know about. good.

In episode five, Shinpei makes one final discovery: each time he travels back in time, the moment he arrives gets closer to the future past. For example, the first time the time travel ability activated, Shinpei found himself on the ship to Awajishima Island; the next time on the shore, and the next on the road. This proves that the ability isn’t invincible, and over time, Shinpei will catch up to the Shadow’s reveal moment and be unable to reverse any action. This was confirmed by the words of the ghost Ushio, who warned him that his time capacity has limits and he shouldn’t use it much. However, despite the weakness of the ability, the time ability will definitely foil the shadow plans.

Maybe by the end of the show, Shinpei will be able to take full control of his “right eye” and get rid of the shadows from his timeline. It’s a wild guess, but it’s possible. In both cases, Daylight saving time rendering has more in store for viewers’ entertainment in future episodes.

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