Science Akadémeia, the Atlanta Preschool of Science, will offer a science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) curriculum for children ages 2-6



ATLANTA – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – The first five years of a child’s life are characterized by the acquisition of considerable knowledge about the world around him. How a child processes the information they absorb during this crucial period of development is something the American education system largely ignored until recently. It is this vacancy in a child’s education that Science Akadémeia, the Atlanta Preschool of Science (SATAPOS), plans to provide by incorporating an advanced research-based program called STEM seeds (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). It is the first STEM preschool in Georgia to use this proven program.

Developed by researchers from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), the College of the Holy Cross, and teachers from the Worcester Child Development Head Start Program, the program STEM seeds The program uses engineering techniques to guide learning.

“We have the responsibility to boost the learning of our students with a 21st Teaching program of the century as STEM seedsSays Evangeline Agbogu, former research scientist at Emory University, founder and administrator of the school. “To truly empower a child, a personalized, developmentally appropriate, fun and exciting science education environment in a nurturing and happy environment should be the rule, not the exception.”

Agbogu received his BA in Biology / Microbiology from Ohio State University and an MA in Education from Central Michigan University. The school was born out of her own love for science and grew up as a curious child who was always curious about how things worked and her love for nature.

Science Akadémeia offers a full-day, year-round program for children ages 2-6 and after school for elementary through middle school students. Special STEM activities and programs will be offered throughout the year, including coding, robotics, tutorials and science experiments for students from elementary to middle school.

Parents and interested students are invited to visit during Science Akadémeia’s open house on July 9e and 10e 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. at 9550 Nesbit Ferry Road, Alpharetta, Georgia. Private tours can also be scheduled by calling (770) 282-6891 or sending an email to Administrator@SATAPOS.COM. To learn more, visit



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