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JEDDAH: The Saudi General Authority for Statistics is preparing to conduct the country’s fifth housing and population census, including the use of satellite imagery to help ensure more comprehensive coverage of regions in the Kingdom.

The census plays a key role in achieving the country’s economic and social transformation goals, as outlined in Vision 2030.

A preliminary estimate of the Saudi population in mid-2020 was 35,013,414. Previous census processes took place in 1974, 1992, 2004 and 2010.

The latest survey showed the country’s population to be 27,136,977, with more than 6,915,000 people in Makkah region, the highest of the country’s 13 administrative regions.

GASTAT said it had prepared a plan for its next census after a thorough study of the needs of its beneficiaries with government agencies, and based on best practices and global standards for population census models used in countries. of the G20 as well as by the members of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.


35 million

A preliminary estimate of the Saudi population in mid-2020 was 35,013,414.

The authority said modern technology would be used for the first time in the conduct of its census operations, including the use of satellite imagery to help provide more comprehensive coverage of areas of the Kingdom, identification unregistered dwellings at national addresses and the development of a data collection mechanism to include digital self-enumeration, a new method of data collection through the authority’s publicly accessible portal, as well as updating of the census form to help decision-makers, in line with international best practices.

GASTAT has stated that it is fully committed to the highest levels of privacy, confidentiality and data protection of persons included in the census, and any personal information related to their identity. It also undertakes not to share or disclose the information collected to third parties.

Last September, GASTAT conducted a pilot census covering seven Saudi cities in Tabuk, AlUla, Makkah, Asir, Diriyah, Riyadh and Eastern Province. The aim was to test the form as well as the working tools to be used within the framework of the general population and housing census.

Self-enumeration, electronic completion of questionnaires and other statistical methods were also applied before the final census work, which should start in a few months.

GASTAT has recently started working on a 40-day Electronic Business Statistics Survey, which aims to provide accurate statistical data and indicators on establishments that perform various economic activities in Saudi Arabia.

He said the survey was carried out in coordination with government agencies and the questionnaires were based on specific statistical criteria to ensure accurate data and statistical indicators.

The pilot census also included the numbering of buildings, as well as their housing unit and household components, in addition to counting the population and individuals in labor camps and social housing, and identifying their demographic characteristics. , social and economic, to obtain accurate and precise information. timely results.

GASTAT said it is the only official statistical reference for statistical data and information in the Kingdom.

He added that he was implementing all statistical work and technical supervision of the sector, which included an ecosystem of statistical centers and units established in the administrative structures of government agencies and several private sector institutions.

Most countries conduct a comprehensive census of their population, dwellings and settlements every 10 years to provide accurate and detailed data on the population and its distribution according to place of residence, social characteristics and economic, such as the level of education and diplomas. obtained, the economic status of individuals, the professions exercised by workers, the type of economic sector to which they belong and the economic activity of the entities in which they work.


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