Paper Girls season 2 speculation on release date, plot, cast, more


When is the Paper Girls season 2 release date? Season 1 of the sci-fi series wasn’t released until July, but the Amazon Prime original, which is described as a crossover between Stranger Things and Doctor Who, has already left critics and fans raving. eager for a season 2.

The series is based on the 30-volume comic book of the same name created by Brian K. Vaughan and tells the story of a paper tour gone dramatically wrong. During Halloween in 1988, Tiff, Erin, Mac, and KJ deliver items, but find themselves stranded in 2019 and at the center of a time war between two time-traveling warring factions: the Old Watch and the STF Underground. The Old Watch, led by Grandfather, is an organization that will stop at nothing to preserve the current timeline as the STF Underground wants to change it.

As the four girls find themselves at the center of the war and learn more about their future, they must decide if they want to change their fates or preserve the timeline. After the Season 1 cliffhanger, is there a Paper Girls Season 2 Release Date? Let’s find out.

Paper Girls Season 2 Release Date Speculation

Unfortunately, there’s no official word yet on a Paper Girls season 2. Although it proved to be a hit with critics, with a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 90%, whether or not a season 2 is greenlit will depend on how popular the series is with viewers – and with Amazon keeping their silent viewership numbers, the jury is out on whether the show’s high quality translated into wide popularity.

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For season 1, filming took place over a period of five months between May and October 2021. There was then another eight-month gap between the end of filming and the final release of the series – which we assume that most of it was used for post-production. With that 13 month deadline in mind, we expect that, if Paper Girls season 2 was greenlit, we wouldn’t see it until fall or winter 2023.

Paper girls season 2 plot speculation

Usually, we can rely on the comics to give us an idea of ​​where the story will go – but Season 1 pretty much covered all of the main plot points of the original comic book series, and also gave us left a game-changing twist: this Tiffany is about to discover time travel in the future and create the Quiklin Institute.

The Prioress, one of Grandfather’s closest allies, changes her mind after being disappointed by the old watch and, after a struggle where she may or may not be dead, manages to plunge Mac and KJ into an indefinite future. where the Quilkin Institute was once established.

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Provided the timing is right, it’s likely season 2 will see Mac and KJ try to find a future Tiffany and enlist her help to not only get them back home to 1999, but also clean up the mess they’ve got. created in their current schedule. during Season 1. Erin and Tiffany assume they will be reunited with Mac and KJ by the time the future prioress is destined for them, but it seems their own journey has gone awry, as the show hints that they are now beached in 1975.

This means Season 2 will likely see Erin and Tiffany trying to travel back to the future (no pun intended), while all four will no doubt face the constant threat of the Old Watch as they continue their pursuit. .

The Season 1 finale also suggests that the girls are stuck in a time loop, meaning the future will play out a certain way no matter what they do to try to change it. However, with Mac on the verge of having cancer in the future, she and KJ are determined to try to change her tragic fate, whatever the cost.

Paper Girls Season 2 Release Date: Ali Wong as Adult Erin in Paper Girls

Paper Girls season 2 are speculating

One fate that remains ambiguous is the Prioress (Adina Porter) who, despite Erin’s attempt to save her, appears to die at the hands of Grandpa (Jason Mantzoukas) after betraying him. But with Paper Girls being a series about time travel, anything can happen, so we might not see the last of it if season 2 rolls around.

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And, of course, we’d expect the central quartet and Adult Erin (Ali Wong) to show up, along with some of the main cast members of the STF Underground and that pesky Old Watch.

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If season 2 is indeed greenlit, we’ll update the official cast when we can, but for now, here’s a full speculative list:

Paper Girls season 2 are speculating

  • Camryn Jones as Tiffany Quilkin
  • Riley Lai Nelet as Erin Tieng
  • Sofia Rosinsky as MacCoyle
  • Fina Strazza as KJ Brandman
  • Ali Wong as Adult Erin
  • Jason Mantzoukas as the Grandfather

In the meantime, the full first season of Paper Girls is available on Amazon Prime Video. Or, if you’re looking for your next time travel trip, check out our guide to the best time travel movies!


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