Outer Range Adds Major Support To Fall’s Biggest Identity Theory


Between the time travel reveals and family clashes, Outer Range episodes 5 and 6 took the time to hint at the biggest theory about the fall.

Warning: SPOILERS for Outdoor beach episodes 5 and 6

Like Outdoor beach approaching its final episodes, more and more clues begin to appear as to who Autumn really is. Since Outer Wildlands episode 1, the identity of the wanderer who showed up at the Abbott’s ranch was, with the void, Outdoor beachis the biggest mystery. As if Autumn knows a lot about the void and its strange time-traveling properties weren’t enough, the poet is also hiding secrets that involve the Abbott family.

That said, what Autumn really knows about the Void and what her ultimate goal is remains unclear. Autumn seems fascinated by the idea of ​​time travel and carries with her a necklace made of the same ethereal material that fills the void. Earlier in the series, Autumn pushed Royal down the hole to find out what would happen to her, but a major theory about Autumn claims that she once used Outdoor beachis void of time travel.


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One of the most popular theories about the characters’ identities, and the one that makes the most sense, is that Autumn is Amy – Royal’s granddaughter – from the future. Autumn’s interest in the Abbott family and Perry, the way she talks to Royal, and the similarity in appearance were among the first pieces of evidence supporting this theory. There was also some similarity between the necklace Autumn wears and the one Amy wears, although it could not be confirmed with certainty that it was the same piece of jewelry. In Outdoor beach episodes 5 and 6, the series adds even more fuel to the theory that Autumn is Amy from the future. During episode 5, Autumn broke into the Abbott’s house under the guise of wanting her necklace back and ended up having a serious conversation with Cecilia. Autumn mentioned in a rather peculiar tone that you never really know a person, even if you’ve known them for a long time. This may be a reference to how Cecilia doesn’t recognize that Autumn is actually her granddaughter, thus adding to Amy’s future theory.

Outer Range Episode 4 Fall

In addition to the time with Cecilia, Autumn again approached Perry, Amy’s father. It didn’t take long for the mysterious wanderer to establish a level of intimacy with Perry, and the conflict Outdoor beach the character felt comfortable enough with Autumn to express the pain of Rebecca’s disappearance. Another clue that adds to the “future Amy” theory is the way Autumn continues to bring up Rebbeca and suggests that Amy’s mother’s disappearance is tied to something bigger – just like her and Perry- same. Autumn is interested in the Abbotts, but she clearly has a special connection to the Perry side of the family. Yes Outdoor beach‘s Autumn is really Amy from the future, so this would all make a lot of sense.

Between the time travel revelations and the aftermath of Trevor’s death, Outdoor beach episodes 5 and 6 took the time to hint at the bigger theory about Autumn’s identity. With only two episodes remaining, the sci-fi TV series will have to make the most of its time to answer all the questions and iron out all the loose ends. It remains to be seen if Autumn is really Amy from the future or if it was all just a perfect red herring.

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