Newly released, From Alien to East Jersey State Prison


TRUTH OF THE DIVINE, by Lindsay Ellis. (St. Martin’s, $ 28.99.) In this sequel to Ellis’ debut album, “Axiom’s End,” the United States is divided over whether to extend rights to a highly intelligent alien species when a another more dangerous alien species lands on Earth.

OUR CLASS: Trauma and transformation in an American prison, by Chris Hedges. (Simon & Schuster, $ 26.99.) In five years, students at East Jersey State Prison, where Hedges teaches drama and literature, have written a sold-out play that channels pain , the grief and the hope of incarcerated life.

WHEN TWO FEATHERS FALL FROM THE SKY, by Marguerite Verble. (Mariner, $ 27.) In 1926, a young Cherokee woman worked as a horse driver at a Nashville amusement park when a chasm swallowed her and her horse in the middle of the performance, triggering a series of mysterious and supernatural events.

THE ARCHER, by Shruti Swamy. (Algonquin, $ 26.95.) In this first novel, a young woman living in the 1960s and 1970s in Bombay leads a tumultuous relationship with her absent mother and finds refuge in kathak, a centuries-old classical dance form. .

KEEP THE PROMISES: Take back the reconstruction and its legacies, edited by Kinshasa Holman Conwill and Paul Gardullo. (Amistad, $ 29.99.) This companion to the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture exhibit, featuring dozens of archival photographs and a preface by historian Eric Foner, grapples with the promise lost in American reconstruction.

JUDAH BENJAMIN: Councilor of the Confederation, by James Traub. (Yale University, $ 26.) This new biography complicates the legacy of Benjamin, a 19th-century New Orleans lawyer and one of America’s first Jewish senators, who used his agile legal mind to defend slavery and Confederation.

THE HISTORY OF DEMOCRACY IS STILL WRITTEN, by Thomas Geoghegan. (Belt, $ 26.) A labor lawyer and former congressional candidate reflects on his hilariously failed run for Chicago’s Fifth District in 2008 and shares invigorating ideas on how to rebuild America’s fractured democracy.

MUHAMMAD, THE WORLD CHANGER: An intimate portrait, by Mohamad Jebara. (St. Martin’s Essentials, $ 29.99.) In this debut album, an Islamic scholar delivers an accessible biography of Muhammad, the founding prophet of Islam, retracing his evolution from an orphan to a political leader and providing insight into his life. personal life and his tastes.

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