Mushe (XMU) presale is live as Ripple (XRP) and Solana (SOL) consolidations continue

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Mushe Token presale continues to roll as Ripple and Solana navigate consolidation

Ripple (XRP) and Solana (SOL) have undergone numerous consolidations over the past few weeks. Meanwhile, the Mushe token is currently being offered for presale. It has multiple use cases and will be used for the NFT, Metaverse, and DeFi sectors.

XRP cryptocurrency token could be heading for a rebound as soon as XRP Ledger sees many updates

The XRP cryptocurrency could be heading for a breakout after a strong period of consolidation as weak hands come out and whales accumulate large volumes. The XRP ledger has undergone many improvements, with Ripple providing support for the integration of new NFT projects as well as growing support for liquidity. Ripple has announced that its on-demand liquidity service has reached another milestone via a Tweeter, “RippleNet has reached an annualized payment volume rate of $15 billion, as customers expand the use of RippleNet and ODL beyond remittances (including Treasury and SME payments).” XRP was changing hands at $0.57 at the time of writing.


SOL Token May See a Boost as Solana Pay Sees Increased Adoption

Solana Pay was launched three months ago and has already seen demos for various merchants who expressed an increased desire to adopt the payment mechanism. This will help expand the use of the SOL token as a payment currency. According to an announcement, “On May 5, 2022, Solana Pay took over Atlas Cafe in San Francisco to demonstrate the unique utility of blockchain-based payments. Cafe customers made a purchase from USDC through Solana Pay, which automatically issued them an NFT loyalty token from Atlas and earned 20% off the purchase. Solana Pay will also help merchants distribute attractive discounts to their customers. The SOL token was trading at $77.90 at time of writing.

Mushe (XMU) introduces a multi-utility ecosystem

The newly launched Mushe cryptocurrency will be used in a diverse ecosystem that will include many features such as:


Mushe Chat: A social channel that will allow encrypted messages across the network. No third party will be able to read your messages and you can easily chat in a real private network.

DeFi: Mushe token can be staked and the ecosystem will also include lending and borrowing functions. Users will also be able to participate in a Mushe lottery accessible through the Mushe Wallet.

Musheverse: A metaverse ecosystem where users will be able to purchase land and properties. The ecosystem will also include support for play to win games in the future. NFT support will also be included so users can trade and earn a passive source of income. Mushe Token holders will be able to purchase NFTs representing residential properties, land, and advertising space. Metaverse banking will help bridge the divide and bottlenecks of traditional finance. It will allow users to easily access financial instruments with just one click. The Mushe ecosystem will include a wallet that will help users store tokens, NFTs and also allow them to trade instruments easily.


Mushe Token is a new crypto coin with endless possibilities that seeks to explore the NFT, metaverse, and DeFi space. Most parts usually focus on one aspect, but Mushe has a diverse use case. The XMU Token presale website is available here.

Learn more about the Mushe token here:


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