Meet the woman who turned a motorhome into a luxury home on wheels


Everyone had big plans for their local blockages around the world – and then most of us just watched more TV and did occasional online exercise classes.

But a pandemic project actually changed a woman’s life.

Jennifer Mckechnie from Northern Ireland was a personal trainer, but due to COVID-19 she was put on leave from work. With more free time than usual, she spotted a travel fad that was sweeping the internet – homemade motorhomes.

With no previous experience, she decided to invest £ 3,000 (€ 3,500) to buy an old minibus and renovate it so that she could travel around Europe with her two huskies. His goal was to travel to France by car, so that his dogs could experience snow for the first time.

Incredibly, Jennifer learned how to completely redesign the van using YouTube tutorials on her own, and managed to turn the old bus into a luxury house on wheels.

She documented her renovation on social media, going viral around the world with over 13 million views on a single TikTok video. With her newfound fame, Jennifer was inundated with requests for custom motorhomes from people inspired by her video.

She has now quit her day job and started her own business, NI Custom Conversions.

They have not yet arrived in France, but we hope his dogs will see the snow in 2021.

Click on the video above to learn more about Jennifer’s RV Project.

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