Maurice Explanation of Molecular Forces student wins Breakthrough Junior Challenge


18-year-old Amber Kwok from Mauritius is the winner of the seventh Revolutionary junior challenge. The competition invites young people aged 13 to 18 to submit a video (no longer than three minutes) illustrating a concept or theory in life sciences, physics or mathematics. Kwok has created a fantastic video explaining the strengths of Van Der Waals and the Casimir effect.

Kwok, his teacher and his school will receive a total of $ 400,000 from the Breakthrough Junior Challenge. Amber herself has won a scholarship of $ 250,000 and she will go to Stanford University in the fall of 2022. Her science teacher, Shastri Doorgah, will receive a prize of $ 50,000. His school will receive a state-of-the-art science lab valued at $ 100,000.

“I heard about the Khan Academy’s Breakthrough Junior Challenge and was immediately fascinated by the idea of ​​explaining science through video,” Kwok said in a press release seen by IFLScience. “I believe that science can expand our knowledge of the mysteries of the universe and help us find innovative solutions to today’s global problems. Winning the challenge is a life changing honor. I can’t wait to see what’s next and explore the many exciting opportunities it will bring. ”

Kwok’s submission uses real examples and original animations and can be viewed below.

The Breakthrough Junior Challenge has been around since 2015 and this year it has drawn over 3,400 applicants, bright teens who find creative ways to provide compelling science-based explanations.

This year there was also the first chance to produce a special submission section focused on space exploration. The winner of the highest rated space exploration video will be announced on January 5th.

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