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marvel’s Moon Knight The series arrives on Disney Plus on March 30. Full plot details are still under wraps, but what has been revealed is that the series will focus on mercenary Marc Spector, a man who suffers from dissociative identity disorder and becomes the emissary of the Egyptian moon god, Khonshu. Some details have also been revealed about the other Spector personalities that will appear, such as Steven Grant, a perpetually tired gift shop employee, and Mr. Knight, a more polished aspect of Moon Knight.


Moon Knight will consist of 6 episodes of approximately one hour, 4 of which will be directed by award-winning Egyptian director Mohamed Diab and the mind-blowing maestros of independent cinema Benson and Moorhead leading the other 2. The series promises to be something darker and more alien for the MCU and To get an idea of ​​what’s in store for audiences, it’s time to take a look at previous cinematic outings from the show’s directors.

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Mohamed Diab may not be a household name to Marvel fans, but his work is known for focusing on pressing Egyptian societal issues while presenting them in an interesting narrative and visual way. His 2016 movie Shock is a great starting point for people unfamiliar with his work. The film is set in the aftermath of a 2013 protest where pro and anti-Muslim Brotherhood protesters clashed when President Mohamed Morsi, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, was ousted from office.


Shock takes place entirely in the back of a police riot van, where protesters from both sides of the conflict have been forced to congregate in the confined space. Based in part on a real event that occurred during the riots, the people inside the van are dehumanized, denied access to restrooms, and sprayed with water cannons. As the protest rages outside the van, locals argue over their differing opinions and policies. Sometimes there are brief moments when they find commonalities, only for the conflict to come to the fore again.

Described as relentlessly dark, Shock presents the truth of humanity in devastating, almost horror-like film-style drama. Diab skillfully brings the reality of Egyptian society to life in a claustrophobic, character-rich, deeply human and engaging narrative. These skills will certainly come into play in Moon Knighta deeply character-driven story rooted in Egyptian mythology.

As for the duo Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead, their filmography is, at least visually, very different from Diab’s. The team has made a name for itself by creating features that distort reality while focusing on deep human drama and horror. From their critically acclaimed debut Resolution in 2014 to this year Something in the dirt, the duo played with the notion of reality and how it can be twisted and shifted to impact characters and situations.

The director duo became best known when their feature film infinity was released in 2017. Considered a sort of sequel to Resolution, the film follows two brothers who escaped from a UFO cult when they were children. The two brothers view the cult differently, Justin thinks it was a death cult and Aaron remembers it as a peaceful, hippie commune. As dissatisfied and disillusioned adults, the two set out to reconnect with the commune and get the answers they were looking for.


Once they find and return to Camp Arcadia, the brothers begin to experience strange things, deliberately leaving clues to each other as to what is going on, and arguing with each other as reality seems to bend around them. An unseen entity hosts events at Camp Arcadia, and those who live there are merely slaves to its games. The slow buildup of the truly bizarre draws viewers in, Lovecraftian into its horror as 2, then 3 moons rise above the camp and time bends for its inhabitants.

2019′ Synchronic is another example of Benson and Moorhead’s skill with narratives that distort reality. Follow paramedics Steve and Dennis as they experience several cases involving the effects of the drug known as Synchronic. As the film unfolds, the 2 men explore their relationships and mortality through the lens of solving a drug-related mystery and time travel. Despite its surrealism and time travel, the core of the film is the relationship between Dennis and Steve, how they interact, fall apart and come together.


Benson and Moorhead continually and successfully blend intense character work with surrealism and eerie imagery. Combining their work with the more realistic yet still innovative dramatic work of Mohamed Diab is sure to create something special with the world of Moon Knight. Marc Spector’s character contains multitudes, by the very definition of his battle with DID he is constantly caught off guard. The plot isn’t even for Spector or Grant or any of his personalities. For Marc Spector, reality is constantly changing, he wastes time, finds himself in strange places and of course he is also the Fist of Khonshu.

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