Madame Web Movie Set Photos Reveal Spider-Man Easter Egg


New set photos from the production of Sony Pictures’ upcoming Madame Web movie, starring Dakota Johnson, reveal a key Spider-Man Easter egg.

New production set photos from Sony Pictures Madame Web reveals a key Spider-Man Easter egg. While Spider-Man has had an active role in Marvel Studios’ ever-growing MCU, Sony Pictures has also been busy creating its own superhero universe. Dubbed Sony’s Spider-Man Universe (SSU), the studio launched its own interconnected franchise in 2018 with the Tom Hardy-directed film. Venom. Although heavily based on Spider-Man villains, these characters are reimagined as anti-heroes who still keep the world safe, but are portrayed as morally grey.


One of the upcoming movies Sony Pictures has in the works is Madame Web, with Dakota Johnson as the titular lead. Directed by SJ Clarkson, based on a screenplay by Burk Sharpless and Matt Sazama, Madame Web is somewhat of a mysterious project. The studio has yet to reveal many character or plot specifics since the movie was announced. While Johnson is set to play Madame Web, it’s unclear if she’ll portray Cassandra Webb, the character most associated with that name. Other reports have claimed that Madame Web is meant to be the “Doctor Strange” figure in Sony’s Spider-Man universe.

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Madame Web is currently in the midst of principal photography, with Johnson having been spotted filming alongside co-stars Adam Scott and Emma Roberts. During filming, new photos from the set (via Reddit user MarvelStudiosSpoilers) have revealed a key Spider-Man-related Easter egg that should be recognizable to many fans. A still image revealed a Daily Bugle van driving by, confirming that J. Jonah Jameson’s diary will appear in the film. Check Madame Web set photo below.

Whether or not this Spider-Man Easter egg means The Daily Bugle is merely a visual cameo, or actually plays a role in Madame Web‘s story, remains to be seen. It has been widely speculated that Madame Web will either have time travel elements or maybe a Spider Man prequel for several reasons. At this point, it could be either option, especially since photos taken in July revealed that Madame Web would be set at least in part in an early 2000s New York City; Sam Raimi’s decor Spider Man trilogy.

Regardless of the fact that Madame Web involves time travel or takes place entirely in the early 2000s, it seems Sony wants to create a larger mythology for its Spider-Man universe. If a recent rumor turns out to be true, Madame Web may also feature Peter Parker’s parents alongside Johnson’s main character. This would explain The Daily Bugle retro van and also allow the film to begin setting up the web-slinger in the SSU. Even though Spider-Man has yet to appear in any of the SSU films, it seems inevitable that characters like Venom, Kraven, Madame Web, and Morbius will come into contact with the hero at some point. For now, speculation is all fans have for Madame Web keep filming.

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