Lunar launches space giveaway as NFTs revolutionize travel


MIAMI, FL, July 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Lunar is pioneering the NFT revolution in partnership with some of the largest companies engaged in space exploration. Lunar, Expoverse NFT, Astronaut and The planetary society have joined forces to offer a unique opportunity to travel to the farthest reaches of space.

A fundamental change is taking place. NFTs can represent much more than pixels on a screen. They can be used as tickets to real world events. Lunar’s Event Horizon Giveaway winners will receive awesome 1/1 NFTs granting access to three truly life-changing experiences:

Diamond – Travel to the farthest reaches of space aboard a World Vision stratospheric balloon

Platinum – Meet Bill Nye in person and visit the Planetary Society Headquarters

Gold – Embark on a weightless flight aboard a Rockwell Commander 700 aircraft

Nearly half of Americans want to travel to space according to 2021 report investigation by ValuePenguin, and UBS estimates that the space travel market will reach $3 billion by 2030. Despite the demand, space exploration is pretty much closed to the rest of the world and accessible only to the wealthy due to the astronomical cost of lift-off. However, anyone can take part in this incredible mission to the stratosphere by participating in The Event Horizon Giveaway here.

About Lunar

Lunar is one of the fastest growing crypto companies in the world. Their goal is to streamline the complicated process of DeFi investing into a single, frictionless platform. Allowing users to manage their entire wallet in one place and trade any token on blockchains with a single click. Their native token, LNR, is one of the most-held DeFi tokens on BNB Chain. The project has completed a comprehensive security audit by industry leader CertiK.







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