Love and Thunder costume designer explains how her job ‘allows her to travel through time’


Disney Movie Insiders recently published an interview with Thor: Love and ThunderMayes C. Rubeo’s costume designer for the Hispanic and Latin American Heritage Month celebration, and when asked where Mayes’ inspiration came from, she replied, “Love came from my childhood . It’s something I grew up with. »

She was born into a family of artists where they worked on their own aesthetic for development to the point where playing time became a form of initiation for Mayes. “We were playing, but I was making sure everyone had the right costumes or the right prop. It’s like the embryo of my initiation.

But like many new artists in the industry, it took him a while to get the chance to design costumes for big titles like Wanda Vision, JoJo Rabbitand Thor: Love and Thunder.

“Some would say, ‘You’re good like your last project or your last movie’ and that’s really [stuck] with me [to keep me on my toes].” Mayes continues to say, “It’s a [form of] a medium that allows me to travel in time, which I have an incredible fascination for.

Mayes admits she feels lucky to have landed her dream job in the industry. “I don’t know if I would have done other work. It’s extremely lucky that I can do what I want and that people like my work.

She further expresses her interest when talking about how costumes can take you anywhere. “You can go to any time period of a land, or interstellar, or otherworldly – it varies so much.” However, despite this desire, she adds that the thought of doing “the same thing over and over again” would make her “run out of steam” from what she loves to do.

This is why on Wanda Visionthe costume designer was pretty happy because “Each episode was a different fashion period. No offense to other sitcoms or their episodic projects, but for me it’s important to choose that – to choose the variation of the project, how the project is going to take me. Then you dive in and have the opportunity to make this movie your own. It’s fascinating.”

Whenever people tell Mayes she’s “too old, she should retire,” she tells them, “You can be a costume designer until you have the imagination and the will to do it. . Isn’t it wonderful?

Mayes on the “Thor: Love and Thunder” project

“There were a few worlds involved and many sections of characters. I got to design for Guardians of the Galaxy, which I’ve always wanted to do, because I love them. In fact, she even received praise from a former costume designer for the film for her excellent work!

“We gave many, many flavors to this storytelling,” she continues, “there were surprises like Thor’s costume underneath; he looked very interesting, I would say, with the sleeveless vest, very 80s. And then we had Natalie Portman [who] was amazing to work with. We had so many special costumes.

Mayes explained how grateful she was to have had design assistants to help her, because in all honesty, given the size of the film, its cast and its details, it would have been too much to handle. for one person. Especially since they had to create new designs from scratch for the Guardians of the Galaxy segment.

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