Legends of Tomorrow showrunner on what’s to come in S7: “It’s Their Odyssey”


They’ve traveled through time and space, fought everything from aliens to zombies, and now they’re back for a whole new series of adventures. So what is The CW’s Legends of tomorrow have left in the box for season 7? Thankfully, a lot more wild action, twists, and surprises fans have grown to love from the Arrowseries of verses.

SYFY WIRE has caught up Legends of tomorrow Keto Shimizu co-showrunner ahead of the Season 7 premiere on October 13 to dig into what fans can expect from the weirdest super-team in the DC Universe. As Season 6 ended with the Legends trapped in the 1920s after their ship, the Waverider (apparently by another Waverider) was destroyed, Shimizu said that this first arc is literally about what will follow when the superheroes who are time traveling are all strapped for technology and stuff.

“This season is really for the Legends who have to find their way home. And that’s kind of their odyssey. It is they who have to overcome a huge obstacle – several obstacles – but the most important being that they are trapped in a period that is not theirs and that they do not have the tools they normally have to reach. their goal, ”she explained. . So, you know, there’s the complication of the damage they leave in their wake – because they’re the Legends, and they end up doing it. [leave messes]. But, you know, the fact that all the resources that they would normally use to achieve what they’re trying to accomplish, they’re gone – they’ve literally exploded in front of them.

Back to basics

After all that time spent using their high-tech ship and time travel bracelets, Shimizu has reiterated this season that he’s bringing things back to the basics of what makes Legends, well. legends: “This season is truly a journey, a long journey. And it’s all about the Legends digging deep and rediscovering what makes them special.

With the story rooted in a specific time period for a whole, Shimizu said they tried to build on the different tropes and stories they could tell and change that time.

“For the first part of the episodes, we’re really playing in a sort of 1920s genre. So we really say, ‘Okay, this is 1925; like, what genres can we live in at this time? “So we’re really exploring different facets of that time and sort of what is familiar to us that we’ve seen on screen that takes place during that time,” she explained. “But of course, by adding our Captions turn on these genres as always. So that was really fun.

Once they finally get out of the 1920s, Shimizu said the last half of the season will revert to the “big old mix of genres” that fans love: “Fun is like,“ Where where are we, when are we and how can we celebrate this time and place? But then again, always adding a fun and subversive touch to the whole thing. “

The big bad is a secret (for now)

Every good hero (or team of heroes) needs a villain, and although they play the season’s new big villain near the vest, Shimizu teased that we won’t have to wait too long to find out who with the Legends will face off this year – and this reveal will be a bit of a part of the Season 7 journey.

“I won’t explicitly say who our villains are because I think it will be a fun find for our fans. But I will say you won’t have to wait too long. We’re not holding back with our villainous story this season like we generally would, ”she said. “We find that, rather than the mystery of it – the ‘Who is this? What’s going on?’ – we’re actually more interested in the “why” and “what” of these stories, so we’re going to be telling side stories in the first track of our season, which explain both how the villain was created, but also what happened next.

But like most Captions stories, it won’t be a simple journey to get there. Shimizu noted that the bond with this mysterious villain becomes more and more sinuous as we go, “And how the dynamics between, sort of, our opponents change during the season and further complicate the trajectory of the Legends on their way. back to their original periods. “

New (and old) additions to the Waverider

Legends of tomorrow has never shied away from rocking its core cast from season to season (and sometimes even week to week), and the same actors have often taken on different roles along the way. That flexibility will continue into Season 7, as fan favorite Matt Ryan swaps his John Constantine trench coat to play new character Gwyn Davies, who crosses paths with the team as they attempt to find a way out of the 1920s.

“They realize their only silver lining is this New York-based scientist named Gwyn Davies, who works for Edison, and this is the man who allegedly laid the groundwork for time travel. So their goal is to find out. this man and make him invent a trip back in time so that they can go home, “explained Shimizu.” This character is played wonderfully by Matt Ryan. He really disappears in it and he feels so different from John Constantine – which is, I think, really important to set it apart from the previous version of Matt Ryan’s appearances on the show.

Although Ryan is playing a new character, that doesn’t mean he’s lost all of the darkness he can bring to a role. Shimizu teased that we can dig into Davies’ motivations and the tightrope of having the inventor of time travel teaming up with real time travelers.

“He has a lot of demons – not the kind that John had, but really personal demons that he deals with, and his own reasons for wanting to time travel,” she said. “So his connection with the Legends is both a means to the end he’s trying to reach, but also a potential hurdle. And there is just a wonderful potential there for deep friendships to form. but also, you know, real conflicts as we get closer to a kind of endgame.

Ryan’s reappearance as Davies isn’t the only cast reshuffle fans can look forward to this season – as Shimizu has confirmed that frequent guest voice Amy Pemberton will also return in physical form as Gideon, who will join the show. ‘team in person for much of the new season.

“Human Gideon is going to show up. Gideon, the AI, has been a character on the ship since its very early days. She’s the ‘O’ of GOs in our minds, ”she said. “We have Amy Pemberton, voice acting, coming in to play a version of Gideon, in the flesh, for our entire season. And it’s incredibly exciting for us, and his performance was just wonderful to watch. So I think the fans are going to really appreciate his story.

Legends of tomorrow Season 7 premieres October 13 on The CW.

* Benjamin Bullard contributed to this report.

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