Jai West has terrifying thoughts about the Wally West flash


The following article contains spoilers from the flash #783, on sale now from DC Comics.

Of Wally West’s two children, Jai West is the more cautious. He wants to listen to his parents and respect their authority. However, the flash #783 (by Jeremy Adams, Amancay Nahuelpan, Jeromy Cox and Rob Leigh) has just revealed that respect may not be the only factor motivating young West. After being dragged into another universe by his twin sister, Irey, to find another Barry Allen, Jai inadvertently revealed a very personal fear regarding his father’s powers.

The twins weren’t supposed to be on this mission, so when Irey dragged them through the portal, Jai knew right away that they were both in trouble. This manifested in Jai fearing that Wally would use his powers to go back in time and change history so that he had different children who actually obeyed him. While this is undoubtedly an exaggeration, it shows that Jai is well aware of his father’s power and how easily he can alter the timeline.

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Being the hero that he is, Wally West would certainly never do that. Rather, he literally traveled across the multiverse to save his children. However, Wally is also much more powerful than Barry Allen when it comes to their connection to the Speed ​​Force. Barry has already altered the past with disastrous consequences. Since Wally’s powers are greater, chances are he also possesses the ability to alter the weather.

This is the crux of Jai’s worries. This implies that Wally’s ability to time travel could potentially remove him and his sister from history. Luckily for him, Wally would risk the world for his children and would never do anything to harm any of them, no matter how disobedient they were.

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What this really reveals are Jai’s personal opinions of himself and his sister. They’ve put themselves in harm’s way before, but this time the twins intentionally disobeyed Wally. Aside from any pent-up trauma that might be triggered after returning to the multiverse, Jai knows that sneaking out at night isn’t as reckless a decision as jumping into a portal that leads to an entirely different universe.

To contemplate that his father would alter the story to have better educated children says Jai doesn’t think too much of himself or his sister. In his eyes, they have repeatedly disappointed their parents with their reckless behavior, and with each breach of trust, he and his sister risk inciting them to anger. Of course, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Although Wally and Linda will no doubt have to take care of their children eventually, they would never consider replacing them or doing anything that would hurt them. Either way, there might still be time for Wally to sit down with his kids and address their concerns directly.


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