Is the time travel joke really possible?


The Unconventional Time Travel Movie Time travelling machine was initially panned by critics, but would later become a cult classic series over the years. The comedy film sees four grown men travel back in time via, as the name suggests, a time machine. Despite the strange premise, it leaves audiences with only one question: is it possible to time travel via a hot tub, and if so, how?

Released in 2010, Time travelling machine is a film directed by Steve Pink and stars John Cusack, Craig Robinson, Clark Duke and Rob Corddry as four down-and-out men looking for a second chance at life. While traveling to a compound, the four men stumble upon a time machine that takes them back to the 80s and allows them to correct their previous mistakes. Although Cusack still does not assume this role in The breakfast club despite going back in time. When all the mistakes are corrected, the four men travel back in time to a better future they created. Why the hot tub sends the protagonists back in time is vague, as is how it was possible. While the discussion of why the Magical Hot Tub decided to allow them to leave may be plentiful, an equation can be used to explain how they traveled back in time.

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Scientists have widely debated the possibility of time travel. The most important of these debates states that if a person were to exceed the speed of light, they could travel through time. So, with all of these facts, the spa should theoretically have rotors capable of exceeding 299,392,458 miles per second. To achieve this speed, running a certain DeLorean may be easier than anything else. But even if the spa’s rotors could produce such rapid speed, what force would they have to experience to fully transport Cusack and his crew?

Using the simple equation “Force = Mass x Velocity” will provide an answer on how much force the spa should be able to carry the four men. Taking rough estimates based on the actor’s age, height, and build can yield the total amount of mass. For example, John Cusack could weigh 160 pounds, Craig Robinson 220 pounds, Clark Duke 170 pounds, and Rob Corddry 160 pounds. Combined, the total mass would be 710 pounds. Plugging the numbers into the equation, 710 lbs x 299,392,458 m/s would give a force of 96,419,515,554 Newtons. In pounds of pressure, the rotors would have to produce 67,306,102 pounds of force to carry all the men through time. Putting such pressure on the human body would result in something more horrible than Doctor Strange 2the most brutal scene. But, given the rules of existence for a comedy movie, the four men could safely hit that speed and make it out alive.

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In 2015, time machine 2 came out, with many of the same cast returning, except for John Cusack. This sequel didn’t mention anything about how fast the spa rotors were going. However, the four men found themselves moving forward in time to fix a dark future. The franchise saw its first sign of cracking as it bombarded with reviews and at the box office.

While the future of Time travelling machine franchise is uncertain, John Cusack and his team must ensure that all appropriate safety precautions are taken before stepping back in time. Otherwise, 67,306,102 pounds of pressure may prove difficult to handle.


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