Is The Peripheral worth watching during Droughtlander?


Foreign fans are always looking for something to watch during Droughtlander. The ringroad might be the time travel series for you.

Drylander continues. This one is hard, although not quite as hard as the last one. At least we know filming is underway and the series is set to arrive in 2023. The wait continues though, and that means looking for something else to get us through the wait.

Amazon could have us covered again. Having already brought The Lord of the Rings, there is another fantastic series. Well, this one is science fiction, and it involves virtual worlds and some sort of time travel capability. It’s about The ringroad.

What is The Peripheral about?

Based on the novel of the same name by William Gibson, the series follows Flynne Fisher. When she takes her brother’s job, she believes she is just meant to enter the virtual world for work. She realizes that this universe is something much more. It seems to be a door to the future.

When she witnesses a murder in the world, Flynne must do everything possible to protect herself and her brother. Who’s the man in the virtual world with her? What is this future that has not yet arrived?

Why watch The Peripheral during Droughtlander

This is a series that brings an element of time travel, which is sure to catch the attention of Foreign Fans. Instead of Flynne going to the past, she’s heading to the future. Kind of. She doesn’t go there physically, and everything happens in a virtual world. This adds another layer to time travel capabilities.

Then we have the fact that there is a big mystery to solve. Flynne must find a way to stop the future from happening. Sound familiar? At least she’s not the one trying to stop the Battle of Culloden!

This is a series with a weekly release. There are eight episodes and eight weeks to tell the story. This will take you towards the end of 2023.

The ringroad airs Fridays on Prime Video.


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