Iron Man’s Hulkbuster armor just upgraded with an epic new weapon


Iron Man’s latest Hulkbuster has a whole new weapon – but are even adamantium nanoparticles enough to stop the Incredible Hulk in its tracks?

Warning: this article contains spoilers for Hulk # 1!

Tony Stark just revealed that his Hulkbuster armor has a brand new weapon, like Iron Man try to bring down the Pontoon and prevent Bruce Banner from leaving the planet. Tony Stark has a suit for everything from deep space exploration to King in Black, but one of his most famous is the Hulkbuster, a suit he designed against the eventuality of the Hulk going wild and needs to be shot.

The Hulkbuster has only appeared twice in the MCU; once in Avengers: Age of Ultron, when successfully used to put the Hulk to sleep after extensive property damage, and again in Avengers: Infinity War – when it was worn by Bruce Banner. But there have been many versions in the comics, with Stark constantly upgrading his weapons in an attempt to figure out how to contain the Jade Giant. No Hulkbusters have been particularly successful, as the Hulk’s untold rage is quite difficult to counter, but in Hulk # 1Tony thinks he can finally have a weapon to even the score.


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Pontoon # 1, by Donny Cates, Ryan Ottley, Frank Martin and Cory Petit of VC reveals just how powerful this latest Hulkbuster really is, introducing a phenomenal new weapon. Tony Stark uses drones to launch a rain of what he calls “adamantium nanoparticle shrapnel.” The unbreakable adamantium shards are sharp enough to burrow even into Hulk’s skin, with nano-programming triggering them to form any shape Stark wants. In this case, he chooses a cage to attempt to imprison the Hulk.


It’s easily one of Iron Man’s most effective weapons, and there’s no doubt that it could also be deployed against cosmic threats like Thanos. Adamantium is a rare metal, but it’s worth noting that it seems to be becoming more and more common in the Marvel Universe right now, with the X-Men of Krakoa possessing a large reservoir that they use to cover the Wolverine bones whenever he is forced to follow their resurrection protocols. . It’s hard to say how adamantium became so mainstream, but it makes sense that Stark would be one of the few people to find new ways to arm it.

Unfortunately, while Tony’s new Hulkbuster weapon manages to trap the Hulk, he underestimates what it will take to stop Bruce Banner. Now “piloting” his gamma form, Bruce purposely rips his own arm to escape, beating Tony soon after. Despite the loss, Iron Man’s latest weapon is a huge improvement over Hulkbuster’s weapon systems and a vicious weapon to wield against anyone, let alone a former ally. The Hulkbuster may have failed to stop the Pontoon, but adamantium shards are no joke, and Iron Man fans are hoping this weapon will make a comeback in future stories.

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