IIT Roorkee Offers Online Certificate Course in Data Science and Machine Learning


JThe Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Roorkee offers a five-month online course in Data Science and Machine Learning (ML). The course is delivered by Imarticus Learning in association with iHUB DivyaSampark to enable candidates to leverage data science and ML for effective decision making.

Professor Sudeb Dasgupta, Project Director of iHUB DivyaSampark, said in a press release: “We bring the expertise of iHUB DivyaSampark in creating exceptional programs with IITs and the technical expertise of Imarticus to offer an exceptional learning experience through a holistic approach.Together, we envision creating a skilled workforce for innovation and digital growth.

Things to know:

  • Professors from institutions like IIT Roorkee, Guwahati, and Ropar and data science industry experts will lead the program.
  • Meaningful data insights help drive business growth are the benefits of taking the course.
  • The program certificate will be issued by iHUB DivyaSampark to IIT Roorkee, Department of Science and Technology, and Imarticus Learning as part of the National Mission on Interdisciplinary Cyber-Physical Systems (NM-ICPS).
  • In addition to the certificate, DivyaSampark will provide a platform for enthusiasts of the field to present their startup ideas and receive financial support.
  • Classes will be held live over the weekend.
  • After successfully completing the course, candidates can work as data analysts, data managers, data scientists, business analysts, business intelligence experts, and data analytics consultants.
  • The course fee is Rs 1,20,000.

For more information, go through the brochure.

How to register:

Anyone interested in the field can apply on the official website of iHUB, Divya Sampark or imartic Learning.
Fill in the necessary details and make the fee payment.

Join the online course using the link provided before the start date.

Important appointments:

The online course start date is June 30, 2022.

If you have any questions, write to admissions@imarticus.com.


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