Humans could live up to 130 years or even more very soon, scientists say


Humans can likely live to be 130 years and even longer, statistically speaking, according to a study published in the journal Royal Society Open Science.


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The limit of human lifespan has been the subject of constant debate and scientists have all strived to push this limit to the limit. Recent research examines new data on super-centenarians – people who are past the age of 110 – as well as semi-super-centenarians – who have reached the age of 105.

Researchers have found that although the risk of dying only increases steadily with age, the risk actually plateaued from age 110 and after that it was only a 50-50% chance. to live or die for each subsequent year.

Professor Anthony Davison of statistics at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), who led the recent research, said in a statement to AFP: If it hits the nail on the head, then you live until our next birthday , and if not, then you will die at some point in the next year “.

Data now shows that humans can live to age 130, however, research shows that simple extrapolation shows that there is no limit to the length of human lifespan. This result coincides with similar statistical results run on data sets of extremely old humans.

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He added: “But this study reinforces those findings and makes them more precise as more data is now available. “

The original data set came from recently released information from the International Longevity Database, which represents more than 1,100 supercentenarians from 13 different countries. Another dataset from Italy looked at every person 105 years of age or older from January 2009 to December 2015.

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The procedure requires extrapolation of existing data, but Davidson believes this is the only logical approach to this research.

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Moreover, even though humans can “statistically” reach the age of 130 or even older, it is less likely to happen today. Today, only a handful of people touch the number 100, and even if one lucky individual does manage to touch 110, Davidson says the odds of hitting 130 would be around one in a million. – not possible but very unlikely.

The oldest person in the world at the moment is Kane Tanaka from Japan, who is 118 years old. It seems highly unlikely, at least until medical science pushes back the barriers of aging – something that would make Amazon founder Jeff Bezos who is chasing immortality very happy, we think.

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