How the future MCU hero transformed time travel against Kang


One of Moon Knight’s biggest victories came when he had to work tirelessly with his predecessors to prevent Kang from taking hold of all of reality.

While Kang and his various multiversal variations have recently entered the scene thanks to Disney + Loki, he’s far from the only Marvel character to be at war with his past. And while Kang is generally an Avengers-level threat, Moon Knight has teamed up with his predecessors to defeat the Conqueror of Time. Marc Spector was saved by the Egyptian moon god Khonshu who claimed to be Spector’s ancestor before granting him incredible lunar powers. Spector wasn’t the only person Khonshu had given powers to, but he encountered a number of other Khonshu minions while trying to save all of reality from Kang the Conqueror.

As part of the 2019 “Acts of Evil” event, Annual Knight of the Moon # 1 of Cullen Bunn, Ibrahim Moustafa, Matt Horak, Mike Spicer and Joe Sabino saw Kang return to 2500 BC in search of the magical totems of Khonshu. The Scarab, Ankh, and Scepter allowed its wearer to time travel and even control it. As Kang claimed claim for the artifacts, he was transported out of the temporal stream where he was confronted by Khonshu. Kang was distracted long enough for Khonshu to teleport the totems to his avatars at various times.

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Moon Knight has found himself nowadays in a reality completely ruled by Kang. Spector was commissioned by Khonshu to restore reality to its rightful state. He was informed that he could travel between the Time Rifts since he was Khonshu’s avatar. He began his totem pole hunt and was transported to the Old West where he stumbled upon a cowboy version of Moon Knight fighting Kang. The cowboy had been given the Ankh, but Kang proved too powerful for him and Spector together.

He then traveled to Nazi Germany where he found the Scarab and an American soldier version of himself. The Scarab gave Spector the ability to time travel back to when he began his hunt for the Scepter. He saw many different Moon Knights during his journey through time, including a Roman gladiator, an American revolutionary, and a pirate in the early 1700s. Spector finally found the scepter in 4000 BCE in Mesopotamia. with Khonshu’s very first avatar, who had crafted a set of Wolverine-esque bone claws to protect the scepter.

Here, Moon Knight summoned the versions of himself he came across on his journey to fight Kang in Mesopotamia. They were successful, and with the power of the totems, Moon Knight banished Kang out of the frozen temporal flow. In an effort to protect the temporal flow and reality, Khonshu’s very first avatar was also banished outside of the temporal flow along with the totems.

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This story truly saw an epic showdown between two characters with various identities or variations of themselves. Thanks to Kang’s considerable abuse of time, it has appeared countless times as variants. Kang’s first appearance is actually one of his variations in The Fantastic Four # 19 by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Dick Ayers, Stan Goldberg and Sam Rosen. He appeared as Rama-Tut so he could capture the Fantastic Four and try to make Sue Storm his queen. He would not appear as Kang until almost a year later in The Avengers # 8. Since then, Kang has appeared in various forms including Immortus and Scarlet Centurian.

Variants of Moon Knight vs. Kang

Although Moon Knight occasionally travels through time, he is not the seasoned time traveler that Kang is. More often than not, the different versions of Moon Knight appear to be different people who were given the same powers as Marc Spector. While some of the variations Spector encountered had similar costumes to him, they did not have the same voice at all. The very first Moon Knight was a black woman, which makes the other Moon Knights appear to be separate entities from Marc Spector.

Yet this moment is arguably Moon Knight’s biggest victory. Spector doesn’t usually come face to face with such a powerful enemy. He usually faces enemies who do not necessarily threaten the factory of time like Raoul Bushman or Taskmaster. With Moon Knight and Kang both coming to the MCU, this story could potentially come to life. Rather, it would prove just how threatening Kang can be while exploring Moon Knight’s powers even deeper.

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