How Elon Musk and SpaceX’s expertise could make Starfield an incredible experience


The most anticipated games of 2022 have spectacular titles, with Starfield topping the charts. The sci-fi space-themed video game has been in the works for a long time and fans are extremely excited.

The game was dubbed “Skyrim in Space”, which further boosted its reputation. Among the many things the developers have done, collaborating with SpaceX and influencing Elon Musk could massively benefit the game.

Making a Starfield scale video game is never easy as there are so many components to check out. It’s completely understandable that Starfield took so long to make. Additionally, the game will potentially want to stick to realism as much as possible while still being entertaining. Todd Howard’s association and trip to SpaceX could help secure both.

Starfield’s association with Elon Musk and SpaceX can be hugely beneficial

It was pretty interesting when Todd Howard announced he was heading to SpaceX headquarters. Although Howard didn’t divulge all the details of the reunion, the rumors and opinions were all over social media.

Despite the lack of details, the game could benefit from its association with SpaceX in two main ways. The first major benefit comes from SpaceX’s expertise in space travel.

It’s clear from the reveal and trailer that space exploration will be at the heart of the game. While any video game can enjoy artistic freedom, Starfield will also need to ensure a certain degree of realism. Without it, the game could easily be criticized.

Outside of government agencies, SpaceX has perhaps the deepest knowledge of space travel. Implementing their feedback could drastically improve in-game space travel details. Factors like gravitational pull and atmospheric pressure can be much more realistic, which will test players instead of providing an approach. linear.

It could also mean that Starfield will have some sort of survival system that would fit in well with the exploration part. The difficulty will probably be changeable depending on the difficulty settings, but it will be a nice challenge for players. Such a system will also ensure that players will have to strategize instead of taking a traditional approach.

Another major contribution could come from Elon Musk’s association with SpaceX. Todd Howard traveling to SpaceX certainly has a lot to do with realism, but there has to be an element of fun. After all, a video game that isn’t fun becomes boring and can divide gamers pretty quickly.

Elon Musk is known for his love of video games. He’s extremely public with this, and he regularly tweets about Elden Ring references. He is an avid gamer and can bring his expertise to the game. While he and his organization’s scientific knowledge could help improve the realism of the game, Musk could also influence the fun parts.

@BillyM2k @nichegamer Played some and will continue. I use 🐭 & ⌨️ which is suboptimal, but ok with remapping. The art is amazing, the story is good, although I’m still confused as to what’s going on haha. The non-linear style of play and lack of spoon feeding are cool.

SpaceX is not a usual collaboration when it comes to video games. Still, Starfield makes great pairings considering them and the intricate elements that are part of the game. There’s still plenty of time until the game is released. Barring any further delays, the game will be released on November 11, 2022.

Starfield will be an Xbox exclusive on consoles and will be available from day one on Game Pass. Additionally, PC gamers will also be able to enjoy the game, and a Steam page is already open to the public.

Many more details are expected, and a possible showcase could appear in the near future. Once the game is released, the influence of SpaceX will become visible, and it remains to be seen what kind of experience will be offered.

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