Hoover PetSuites opens in time for summer travel


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HOOVER, Alabama (CBS 42 Living Local) – As the world opens up, thousands of people are taking vacations. After months of quarantine and social distancing, your four-legged family members need a vacation too!

A brand new PetSuites is now open on John Hawkins Parkway in Hoover. This is the first PetSuites location in Alabama!

“We’re so happy to be right behind Ross Bridge; we are close to Cyrus Lake and Crest Lake. Everyone was very welcoming. And a ton of our guests have told us they’ve been waiting for us for so long, ”said Laura Schillinger, Resort Manager.

PetSuites offers top-notch boarding. “So if your dog really enjoys watching TV when he’s at home, we’ve got a room that would suit his needs,” Schillinger said.

You will feel comfortable leaving your dog in a luxurious home away from home, which includes room service and daily housekeeping.

“If they have their own bed, or if they want to bring mom or dad’s t-shirt, or a favorite toy, they can bring anything for their stay,” Schillinger said.

The resort takes cleanliness seriously. Resort staff use hospital grade sanitizer to lather everything twice a day.

If a vacation is not in your future, PetSuites is known for its daycare program. Your dogs will have a full day where they “play all day!” As much of the day as possible, ”said Schillinger.

A golden retriever named Gabby is a regular at PetSuites daycare. Her human, Emily, says she chose PetSuites because it’s safe, clean, and a short drive from her home.

“I think when you are looking for a day care center for your child (and I treat my dogs like my children) you are looking for a nice and clean place where you trust people and where you feel comfortable. I feel it here, ”Emily said.

“When I pull over to surrender Gabby sits up. She knows where we are. She can play and do doggy stuff that she couldn’t do at home. She loves to play in the pool, ”said Emily.

If you want your puppy to participate in the fun, the first step is to send PetSuites a copy of your dog’s vaccination records. “We need proof that they are up to date on their vaccines against rabies, distemper, Bordetella and we also need the canine flu vaccine,” Schillinger said. Once PetSuites has these documents, the first daycare visit is free.

“So come and try it out and see if your dog is doing okay here,” Emily said. If your dog looks like Gabby, expect him to be exhausted at the end of the day.

Visit hoover.petsuitesofamerica.com to register your dog for daycare or a luxury vacation stay.

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