Historical fantasy novel features beloved old characters


Let’s be realistic. Could you have helped Mr. Darcy? Do you have any tips and tricks that could have made things a little smoother? In the historical fantasy novel ‘Stasis’, a wading student who’s had a difficult past suddenly finds herself drawn into Regency England where she has the opportunity to help Mr. Darcy overcome some of his less sociable aspects. There was no way to prepare for this since until the very moment she landed in England, she had no idea time travel existed. Oh, and she may have used her Taser on Mr. Darcy.

When a job offer is presented to travel back in time and help out at some pivotal moments in history, Alex Drevessa’s ‘Stasis’ heroine can’t turn down the chance to explore some of his favorite people and times. Soon she is working with physicists, historians, mathematicians and computer scientists to prevent England from being overtaken by Napoleon and to prevent invaluable information from igniting during the Ming Dynasty. Side note: Who knew Chinese explorer Zheng He was such a hottie? The heroine is caught off guard each time and must deal with each situation as best she can, using her own arsenal of personal information. Oh, and she also has to deal with an evil scientist and solve her own love story dilemma.

The heroine has spent much of her life struggling with Asperger’s Syndrome, and through her own mental wiring and effort, she has accumulated a huge assortment of diverse information. This allows him to handle many weird situations that most people would be unprepared for or just plain confused about. Her candid acknowledgment of the benefits and difficulties of managing this particular neurodevelopmental disorder creates a heroine that will shock, amuse, and tug at your heartstrings. Her Asperger’s symptoms give her an interesting insight into understanding people from other times and cultures. It gives the reader a novel look at a very unconventional heroine.

Alex Drevessa is a local author from Jefferson City. Drevessa’s own experiences and her elation for life’s adventure shine through in this romantic-historical-fantasy novel. “Stase” is the first book in a series. Drevessa has created a fascinating website to accompany each novel. The website has more information regarding quotes and thoughts from the book, recipes, and more history. “Stasis” is a journey worth taking!

Mariah Luebbering works in adolescent and young adult services at the Missouri River Regional Library.

Print title: From the Stacks: A historical fantasy novel features beloved old characters


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