Greg Gutfeld argues Hunter Biden’s laptop could be cause of global famine (video)


Fox News Channel’s Greg Gutfeld has a theory about how global famine could sweep the planet and devastate civilization – and a laptop once owned by Hunter Biden will have sparked it all.

In Friday’s “The Five,” Gutfeld used Ashton Kutcher’s 2004 time travel film “The Butterfly Effect” to explain that while global food shortages such as the one President Joe Biden warned of during of the NATO summit in Brussels on Thursday occur, they can all be traced back to this computer, which belonged to the president’s son.

“It’s a consequence of hiding the laptop,” he inferred.

“Did you like the movie ‘The Butterfly Effect’?” he asked panelist Jessica Tarlov. In the film, Kutcher’s character goes back in time and alters events, with even slight changes bringing momentous ramifications.

“Let’s butterfly here using the laptop,” he continued. “First, the New York Post publishes the laptop story, and then tech, media, and Democrats collude to bury it. So instead of losing the election, who [Trump] would have [won] if it was public, he wins the election, thanks to the cabal. And then Trump’s unpredictable strength is missing.

He went on to say that the war in Ukraine would never have happened if we hadn’t come up with ‘Obama Part III: the Cocoon Edition’, as Gutfeld described Biden’s presidency, referencing Ron Howard’s film. about encountering extraterrestrials.

“Then Putin sees this opening, uses the US-Ukrainian agreement, regarding NATO on November 10 to invade.” The clear result of this sci-fi cinematic logic? “Famine!” Gutfeld asserted. “It’s the butterfly effect. It goes all the way back to hiding the laptop. You can post that and make a movie out of it.

Check out the clip above.


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