Goldilocks Zone – The Economic Times


With the right conditions and a little luck, some of the universe’s most inhospitable worlds could still be habitable, according to an article in Discover magazine. Frank Drake was among the first to become passionately involved in the search for alien life. Was the Earth alone in its capacity to nourish life? He started Seti, devoted to the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, to study the possibility of life there.

Could there be life on a “rogue” or “nomadic” planet without a star like our Sun that gives us solar energy? Astronomers now say this is a possibility that cannot be ruled out. Planets like Earth that are teeming with vital ingredients like water and energy, are often referred to as those in the Goldilocks zone.

Using this as a metaphor in our lives, could we create or discover a Goldilocks Zone where everything is perfectly arranged to create a happy world? Biologically, we are of course “in the zone”. But our mental space is littered with so many negative clutter that it becomes a huge task to create the right conditions that will allow us to stay happy all the time.

We create our own rogue planets in our mental universe, where it becomes difficult to find happiness. And as we have littered outer space, our mental space is also littered with unwanted thoughts that only prevent positive energy from entering. But once we seriously engage in an effort to create the right environment, backwards, we could be living in the G zone of happiness too.


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