Futuristic and disruptive technologies will be showcased at ISRO-2021 Technology Conclave



Minister of State of the Union (Independent Office) Science and Technology; Minister of State (Independent Office) Earth Sciences; Dr Jitendra Singh, PMO, Staff, Public Grievances, Pensions, Atomic Energy and Space, today opened the ISRO-2021 5-Day Technology Conclave and highlighted the futuristic and disruptive technologies that will be developed by the ISRO-2021. Indian Space Research Organization, ISRO. The Conclave is organized by the Directorate of Technological Development and Innovation (DTDI) under the aegis of ISRO.

Addressing the conclave, Dr Jitendra Singh said the ISRO Headquarters-based Technology Development and Innovation Directorate (DTDI) is an important link for industry, innovators and universities for research. and R&D. He said that since Prime Minister Narendra Modi took office he has given special impetus to space technology and for the first time in 70 years the sector has been opened up to private participation to make the difference. India a competitive space market, in addition to reaping the benefits of the space program for the poorest people in the country.

Focusing on some of the futuristic and disruptive technologies, Dr Jitendra Singh said, the development of quantum satellite communication will enable unconditional security of the country’s communication network data. He said that the recent demonstration of quantum communication in free space, over a distance of 300m by ISRO, in Ahmedabad is a major step towards the development of quantum communication by satellite, which our country is trying to demonstrate in near future. He said that each of the futuristic technologies has potential spinoff applications and these need to be implemented in targeted areas and flagship government programs, which touch the life of every citizen.

The Minister congratulated ISRO for choosing Big Data Analytics as another area of ​​investment, as ISRO generates a huge amount of data from its various satellite missions and ground systems. He said, ISRO’s investment in terms of its intellectual and financial resources has resulted in the plethora of futuristic technologies for the space sector. He called on scientists to focus on focus areas such as artificial intelligence / machine learning, space debris, the study of global climate, cost-effective technological access to space, local manufacturing components and parts for space systems and green thrusters. He reiterated that ISRO must develop a mechanism to proliferate the uses of futuristic technologies in order to realize the Prime Minister’s vision of the “Atmanirbhar Bharat” mission.

Dr Jitendra Singh pointed out that during the post-space reform period, the space technology landscape has changed and that it must allow the participation of industries, private entities, in the development of futuristic and disruptive technologies, in more research and development for innovative technologies. He urged ISRO to bring synergy of efforts for inclusive development and to contribute to a vibrant global economy and to take advantage of futuristic technologies that will be game-changing for the space sector.

Dr Jitendra Singh pointed out that a range of futuristic and disruptive technologies undertaken by ISRO include quantum radar, self-eating rocket, self-healing spacecraft and spacecraft, self-destructing satellites, photon thruster , space-based solar power, a bunch of artificial intelligence models that range from agriculture, land use, to deep and planetary space exploration.

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