Doom Patrol Boss explains why Madame Rouge turns a street into a toilet


Doom Patrol showrunner Jeremy Carver breaks down Michelle Gomez’s memorable Madame Rouge introduction in the Season 3 premiere.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Fate Patrol Season 3, Episode 1, “Patrol Possibilities” now streaming on HBO Max.

Fate Patrol Showrunner Jeremy Carver broke the thought process behind the unconventional introduction of the potential new superhero series antagonist, Madame Rouge, played by Michelle Gomez, in the Season 3 premiere.

“We tried to take a really grounded look at time travel and the real realities of what it would mean to time travel,” Carver said in an interview with TVLine about the cliffhanger ending of the premiere. . “We landed on the fact that this was the longest road trip of your life, so you have to go.”

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Madame Rouge, who was the first female member of The Brotherhood of Evil in the DC original Fate Patrol comics, made its first screen appearance at the end of the first episode of the HBO Max series, “Possibilities Patrol”. The character of Gomez has arrived in a time machine these days in search of the recently deceased Niles Caulder after Rita Farr heard an alarm from a device hidden behind one of the bookcases in Doom Manor. When Madame Rouge first steps out of her time machine, she immediately has to pee – and does so right in the middle of the street. The arrival of the time machine creates a giant chasm, into which Isabel falls to her death and Madame Rouge simply watches. Carver went on to say, “As for Isabel, it was sad to see her go missing, but she’s such a delightful presence on the show. We love her.”

It was announced in March that Gomez had signed on to play Madame Rouge in season 3 of Fate Patrol. Carver later confirmed that Gomez’s villainous version will deal with a case of amnesia during the season and won’t necessarily remember that she’s meant to be a master of disguise.

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“This fight with ‘Am I good or bad?’ is really at the heart of Michelle’s character arc this season, and she tries more to find comedy or pathos than anyone, ”Carver said at the time. “I think what she brings to the show is just thrilling.”

Fate Patrol follows the life-changing adventures of robot Cliff Steele (Brendan Fraser), disfigured astronaut Larry Trainor (Matt Bomer), shapeshifter ex-actress Rita Farr (April Bowlby), Jane (Diane Guerrero) and superhero Cyborg (Jovian Wade). ). Originally aired on the DC Universe streaming service in 2019 before moving to HBO Max for its second season in 2020, the series has become a cult hit for its mix of weird storytelling, thoughtful character development and dark humor, capturing Grant’s mind Morrison’s classic run on the Fate Patrol comics for DC / Vertigo.

The first three episodes of Fate Patrol Season 3 is now streaming on HBO Max. New episodes will air weekly on Thursday.

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