Do aliens exist? Most Americans say yes



Yes, the aliens are out there, the Americans say, but they’re not too worried about what ET is doing.

In a poll released just before this year’s Independence Day long weekend, the Pew Research Center found that 65% of Americans believe that aliens exist. The results may not be unanimous, but they mean the majority of Americans can agree on Something, even if it is the presence of extraterrestrial life. At the same time, Pew reported in 2019 that only 26% of the American public believed that individuals from opposing political parties could agree on “basic facts”.

So if there are aliens living among us (hovering above or in a galaxy far, far away), how peaceful are they? According to the Pew survey, just over half (51%) of those polled said UFOs “are not a threat” to national security. In addition, around 30% reported that unidentified flying objects were a “minor threat”.

Pew’s investigation was conducted before the Pentagon released a “UFO report” at the end of June, which did not explicitly give confirmation to UFOs inhabited by extraterrestrials but reported 18 incidents of unusual movement unidentified aerial phenomena, potentially of advanced technology. Although the report revealed very little, its very existence will fuel (a clearly bipartisan party) American interest in the possibility of extraterrestrial life.

Yes, that murky aerial image may be of a bird or an airplane, but if it turned out to be flown by a smarter life form, a large portion of Americans wouldn’t be surprised.



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