Demi Lovato Claims She Communicates With Aliens By Singing 2011 Hit “Skyscraper” In New UFO Series


New footage from Demi Lovato’s UFO docuseries shows the musician singing their 2011 hit “Skyscraper” in an attempt to communicate with aliens.

Lovato has released a new documentary series, titled Not identified, in which the singer explores the possibility of extraterrestrial life.

In a new clip from the Peacock series, the Disney alum is filmed in night vision trying to make contact with aliens.

“I feel like singing something emotional,” Lovato said before singing the lyrics to their 2011 hit song “Skyscraper”.

After the 29-year-old stops singing, a device presumably intended to detect alien activity makes noise.

One of the other people in the room waves to the device and jokes, “Standing ovation. “

Lovato shared the short video on Twitter along with the caption, “What’s better than a standing ovation from aliens?” I’ll wait…”

Fans took to Twitter to express their confusion over the clip, which received more than 7,200 likes.

“They can sing but I just feel myself cringe,” one user wrote. Another added: “They are pretty but cringe omg.”

A third person wrote: “I have a lot of questions …”

Not identified features four episodes that follow Lovato, their sister Dallas, and their skeptical friend Matthew Scott Montgomery as they encounter suspected alien abductees and investigate recent eyewitness accounts.

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The trio are also examining secret government reports on the subject of UFOs and possible extraterrestrial sightings.

Not identified premiered on the US channel Peacock Thursday (September 30). Details of a UK release have yet to be announced.


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