Daisy the Great Contemplate Quantum Mechanics on New Track “Time Machine”


The indie-pop sounds of margarita the great– even when the subject matter of their music delves into the complex realms of causality and relativity raised by the hypothetical existence of time travel. With their second album all you need Arriving tomorrow, the pair share one final single ahead of release day with the fainting sci-fi anthem “Time Machine,” which Kelley Nicole Dugan and Mina Walker wrote alongside Coyle Girelli and Carter Matschullat — and which they call their favorite song they’ve ever written.

“As we were all talking at the start of the session, Coyle referred to a paper he had read that morning about a group of physicists researching the potential for electrons to recoil in the recent past, which was presented as evidence that time travel might be possible,” they recall. “We got so hung up on this idea and we all kept talking for a very long time about time travel, fate, regret, second chances, of loss, of love…

“Eventually,” they continue, “we started imagining writing this giant song, set at the end of the world. Kel sat down at the piano and started playing these really epic, crisp chords and Min started screaming ‘ Do you hear the clocks in this house / They growl at me saying, how come the whole world is falling apart.’ It became the intro and then the rest quickly spilled out of us. After that day the song became an instant favorite of our touring set and we couldn’t be more excited about it. go out.

Listen to the recording of the favorite live below and pre-record the album here.


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