Covid-19: Charities call for more support for 500,000 immunocompromised




Sixteen health charities have joined forces to urge the government to support around 500,000 people for whom Covid-19 vaccines may offer less protection.

With most Covid rules in England due to be lifted on July 19, including wearing masks, charities such as Versus Arthritis, Anthony Nolan Blood Cancer UK and the Cystic Fibrosis Trust have said more needs to be done for those who are immunocompromised or immunocompromised.

Charities want better communication from government and the NHS to educate patients, the general public and employers about the potentially higher and continuing risks that Covid-19 poses to people with compromised immune systems.

They also want job protection and access to workplace adjustments for people with immunosuppression, including the duty to consider working from home where possible and flexibility in start and time hours. end to avoid rush hour trips.

We understand and share of course the desire to return to something close to normal, but this cannot be done at the expense of thousands of lives.

In addition, charities are asking for a commitment that research into Covid-19 booster vaccines and any future booster programs examine how best to provide the maximum level of protection possible to people who are immunocompromised or immunocompromised and that they be a priority for vaccination.

A survey of more than 2,000 members of the public for charities found that 68% did not know that people who have certain health problems, or who take specific medications, are not as protected by the two doses of Covid-19 vaccine as effectively as the general public.

Research articles have suggested that people with weakened immune systems do not get as high levels of antibodies from vaccines as perfectly healthy people.

Speaking on behalf of the coalition, Fiona Loud, Policy Director of Kidney Care UK, said: “We understand and of course share the desire to get back to something close to normal, but it cannot be done. at the expense of thousands of lives.

“The needs and safety of those at risk must be urgently taken into account as the country lifts measures that provided them with some protection.

“We need better communication so that those who may not be as well protected by the vaccine can make informed decisions about their own personal risk.

“Everyone needs to understand how to continue to protect those who remain vulnerable; any of those 500,000 people could be your mom, your brother, your coworker, or your best friend.

The full list of charities is:

Anthony NolanArthritis and Musculoskeletal AllianceBlood Cancer UKBowel Cancer UKCrohn’s & ColitisCystic Fibrosis TrustImmunodeficiency UKKidney Care UKLeukaemia CareMS SocietyMuscular Dystrophy UKNational VoicesNRAS – National Rheumatoid Arthritis SocietyScleroderma and Raynauders UKVisitors



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