Court rules against Rocket Center in cartoon series dispute


The Alabama Supreme Court has ruled against efforts by the United States Space and Rocket Center to overturn a $ 1.3 million arbitral award awarded to the developers of an animated series.

Judges on Thursday ordered an Alabama court to dismiss a lawsuit filed by the Alabama Space Science Exhibit Commission, which operates the Space and Rocket Center, contesting the award on grounds of immunity. Judges said the issue had already been argued in New York.

“The Constitution of the United States requires the courts of Alabama to give all their faith and credit to the legal proceedings of all other states … It is clear that the question of jurisdiction has indeed been fully and fairly. argued in the New York Magistrates’ Court, ”Judge Will Sellers. wrote in the notice.

The ruling stems from a contractual dispute between Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville and a company named Space Race that was hired to produce an animated series to promote children’s interest in space exploration and science.

Space Race claimed it was owed $ 1.3 million when the contract expired for work it completed ahead of schedule.

According to the court ruling, the Alabama Space Center argued that NASA had terminated a grant for the project, so there was no longer a need under the contract to pay Space Race. However, Space Race argued that the grant ended because Space and Rocket Center “in bad faith failed to provide NASA with the necessary documents to continue funding the project.”

The arbitrators ruled in favor of Space Race. The decision was upheld by New York courts.

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