Concordium Gets Iconic Japanese Web 3.0 Game From Platinum Egg


Well-known Japanese game developer Platinum Egg intends to integrate Blockchain Concordium into its web 3.0 game, CrossLink. Through this collaboration, Platinum Egg allows people with no prior knowledge of cryptocurrencies to feel safe when entering the industry. Another barrier to the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies in Japan is the perception that they are insecure. There is a culture of suspicion towards new financial products due to a long history of strict banking laws and regulations, which makes it harder for those without a solid cryptocurrency background to enter the market. .

Nariya Takemura, President of Platinum Egg, says the company believes Concordium’s focus on identity security and Crosslink’s simple entry point will be an effective catalyst in attracting new users who don’t yet know encryption.

Crosslink, which now has over 250,000 users, seeks to be a way to introduce newbies to the cryptocurrency industry. unlike others blockchain based games, Crosslink requires no purchase to start playing and earning rewards. CrossLink is a game that merges GPS and gaming to deliver a whole new gaming experience that bridges the physical and virtual worlds. Players can send heroes to challenge alien life, defeat raid bosses, and win prizes anywhere on Earth!

Concordium is delighted to partner with Platinum Egg. Concordium’s identity layer and security will benefit Crosslink, a well-known and popular existing game, and provide new users with access to blockchain-based solutions. Although Concordium is gaining popularity in Japan, it is a market where it favors reliable partners familiar with Japanese culture and ecology. According to Lars Seier Christensen, President of the Concordium Foundation, the collaboration with Platinum Egg demonstrates our growing interest and dedication to blockchain-based games.


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