Chinese Mars rover continues to explore red planet after concluding 90-day ‘good’ mission



China’s Mars rover Zhurong seeks to continue exploring the Red Planet after completing its 90-day mission while remaining “fully charged and in good condition.”

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This image released on May 19, 2021 by the National Space Administration of China (CNSA) via CNS shows an image taken by the navigation camera of the Chinese rover Zhurong on the surface of Mars, showing the solar panels and the antenna of the rover, after landing on Mars on May 15, 2021.

It is important to point out that China’s Zhurong was originally designed to last 90 Martian days, also known as “soils,” for a total of 92 days on our planet.

Note, a day on the red planet is slightly longer than here on Earth with 40 additional minutes.

The Chinese Martian rover’s initial mission was to roam the Red Planet in the hopes of stumbling upon a clue of life outside of Earth.

He is responsible for obtaining any sample of frozen water on the Red Planet, which strongly suggests that the planet was previously home to living creatures.

NASA’s Chinese counterpart to the United States, the National Space Administration of China, announced on Friday (August 15) that its Mars rover had finally completed its 90-day program, boasting that Zhurong was unharmed.

Chinese rover Mars will continue to explore the red planet

Now the Associated press reported that the China Mar’s Rover will continue to explore the rocky terrain of the Utopia Planitia even though 90 days have already passed since its mission began on May 14.

Since then, Zhurong has already walked 889 meters on Mars. Not to mention that the Chinese rover has already sent a large amount of raw data totaling 10 gigabytes, according to the New York Post, citing state-owned Global Times.

Chinese space station

In addition to continuing to explore Mars, China is also erecting its permanent space station.

At present, a total of three astronauts are aboard the Chinese spacecraft called Tianhe, or also known as the Heavenly Harmony Core.

Two of them have already started their spacewalk on August 20.

As such, the entire crew are expected to return to Earth next month for a much-needed astronaut replacement.

It should be noted that China has been excluded from the International Space Station. As such, the Asian country is forced to assemble its own version of it.

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Chinese Mar Rover Zhurong: Exploring Mar

The Chinese remote-controlled rover began its exploration on Mars on May 22 after leaving its landing pad.

Since then, the Chinese rover on Mars has already sent audio recordings, photos and even video from the red planet to Earth. He even sent a selfie of himself while sporting the Asian country’s flag on the red, rocky surface of the planet.

With that, Elon Musk and even NASA Senator Bill Nelson congratulated the Chinese space agency on the first images of the Zhurong Mars Rover on Mars. It comes even though the United States is a close rival to China in space exploration.

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