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It sounds like a sentence. And it’s.

Life without Ron doesn’t matter.

Not to see his sparkling eyes. Or hear his voice on the phone: “Planet Zorbo, how can I direct your call? “

No, that will not happen.

Can we appeal to the governor to be pardoned?

Remember how he moved around his restaurant – greeting customers and making them smile. He owned and operated the Main Street Café for 20 years, often hosting happy hours with cakes and coffee for patrons while he played the banjo for their entertainment alongside other musicians he had invited. to join.

Ron claimed he was an alien who had just been teleported from the planet Zorbo. He said his first job on Earth was to plan the pyramids. Another time, he pretended to be a gold digger just in town for a few days with his trusty mule Sal to buy supplies.

I told him I knew he was an alien and complimented him on how he was posing as a normal human being. “Not quite there yet, but close,” I told her one day. He was proud of it.

What concentration he had while playing his banjo. This, he said, transported him. It was a refuge. Never fail to take her away from her worries.

Do you remember Nichols and May? For a while it was Markovich and Maher as he and my sister Myrna exchanged jokes and improvisations. They unleashed a spirit within each other that neither of them had explored so deeply before. It was a pleasure to be a witness.

He and Myrna once challenged each other to run from the Legion to Hardware Hank. He was so confident he said he would run backwards. She was an athlete as a young woman and accepted the challenge. I won’t say who won, but both did their best.

I was walking with him on a rainy day and I came across a big puddle. He gestured and bowed deeply, “If only I had a cloak, I would put it on that puddle so that the lady wouldn’t wet her shoes.”

Ron Markovich, actor, musician, singer, restaurateur and a man who loved to laugh and make others happy if he could.

– Carole Wendt is from Litchfield, now retired after a long career in media and again living in her hometown. She was inducted in 2019 into the Litchfield High School Hall of Fame.

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