Canceled Kingdom Hearts TV Series Animatic Pilot Released For The First Time


An animatic for the discontinued TV series Kingdom Hearts is released on YouTube by animator Seth Kearsley, who was central to the project.

An animatic for a project Kingdom Hearts The series is streamed on YouTube by host Seth Kearsley, who worked on the series before it was canceled by Disney. The oft-forgotten attempt at an adaptation was kept under wraps for years until Kearsley broke his silence on the Kingdom Hearts series, announcing that he would post the fully completed pilot on his Youtube channel once he figured out how to transfer the footage. Kearsley blamed Disney’s handling of the project and a lack of concrete vision for the show’s cancellation.


Kingdom Hearts, known for its video games, follows Sora and his friends Goofy and Donald Duck, as they travel across the universe battling the Heartless, meeting a host of Disney and Pixar characters along the way. The series is known for its impressive visuals, enchanting music, and intricate plot. Kearsley also recently revealed that Kingdom Hearts reportedly took a more episodic approach to its story, with the pilot taking place in the world of Aladdin​​​​​.

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On Kearsley’s personal Youtube page, he uploads the eleven minute animatic for the first episode of the Kingdom Hearts series. The short features Sora meeting Donald and Goofy as they travel to Agrabah, the city of Aladdin, to find Riku, Sora’s friend. The animatic ends with the trio regrouping on their ship and promising to visit other worlds to fight the Heartless.

What the Animatic Could Mean for the Future of Kingdom Hearts

It should be noted that the video is not the fully completed pilot, but rather an animatic used to map the timing and motion of the animation, an essential tool for the process. It’s unclear when Kearsley might be able to release the full Kingdom Hearts pilot, but with the release of the animatic, fans can assume that could happen very soon. The release might also bolster support for the new Kingdom Hearts series in development for Disney+.

Fans were understandably disappointed when the Kingdom Hearts The series didn’t produce a full season, but with Kearsley’s new releases, they’ll be able to see what it might have been like and relive a forgotten part of Disney history. Kearsley, unfortunately, had to keep the work he is proud of secret for almost 20 years, but the important thing is that it is now visible to the world. Although Kearsley is not involved in the upcoming series, his vision for a Kingdom Hearts is now available to the public, and it’s a win for Disney fans and art curators everywhere.

Source: Seth Kearsley

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