Call of Duty Zombies fan builds replica time bomb


A creative Call of Duty Zombies fan pays homage to the Buried map’s unique gear, featuring a stunning Time Bomb replica.

cod-zombies-time bomb

Over the years there have been many beloved Call of Duty Zombie maps, Buried being one of them. the black ops 2 the card is fondly remembered by Call of Duty Zombies fans for many reasons, one of which being its unique items.

The map served as an introduction to the iconic Ray Gun Mark 2, a weapon that many consider an improvement over the original. Also introduced was the Paralyzer, which is considered one of the most powerful magic weapons in the mode due to its infinite ammo and potential to uplift players into otherwise inaccessible Buried areas. With the aesthetically-matched Remington New Model Army revolver, there’s a lot to like on the card – even if it’s the ticking time bomb that really steals the show.


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Buried fans will surely remember all the cool things that could be done with the time bomb, as the special gear basically served as a save state for a Zombies match. Players could throw one in round 20, and if things got out of hand in round 25, they could come back at that point in the game. With fun tricks like duplicating perks, the gear was unforgettable, and it makes sense that a talented Redditor like IZA_does_the_art would want an actual version.

While the Call of Duty Zombie fans cannot duplicate the device’s time travel abilities, everything else about their creation is accurate. The clock face that makes up the body of the device can be seen, featuring a wooden body as well as sleek gold accents. The Redditor also managed to recreate the time bomb trigger, with the detonator featuring the same buttons as in Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Zombies. While that would have been enough to make the accessory awesome, the Redditor didn’t stop there.

Although there are many owl Call of Duty Zombie replicas, few are designed to glow in the dark. However, IZA_does_the_art went out of their way to make this time bomb do just that, and the result is amazing. They share an image of the time bomb with the lights off and the clock face glowing bright blue. All numbers are easily visible and the spiral pattern stands out even more when the room is dark. Unsurprisingly, fans reacted well to the post, giving it hundreds of upvotes and positive comments.

If players get their wish regarding Zombies Chronicles 2 rumors, they might be able to see the Time Bomb and Buried again in the near future. For now, however, Call of Duty Zombie players who want to use this item must go back to 2012 black ops 2.

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Source: Reddit

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