Best animated space movies for kids


The best space animated films for kids will introduce your little ones to the concept of intergalactic travel while allowing you to relax and be entertained. There are few forms of media as captivating as animation, capable of capturing the attention of adults and children alike.

We’ve created this list for just that purpose, bringing together the best kids’ animated space movies that will let young and old alike explore the universe. Below you’ll find a mix of cult classics and family favorites, with the vibe and plot of each movie clearly explained, so you can quickly pick your next watch from the list. Then, when the children are a little older, you can introduce them to our selection of best space movies.

WALL-E – Ideal for life lessons

WALL-E and EVE exploring the Axiom spaceship_WALL-E 2008_Disney PIXAR

(Image credit: Disney / PIXAR)
  • Release date: June 21, 2008
  • Recommended age : 10 and more

Both a tear and a lesson on the dangers of consumerism, WALL-E is a favorite that you’ll find at the top of every list of the best kids space animated movies. The film is set in 2805 and follows a compactor robot, WALL-E, which is tasked with cleaning up the Earth after humans turn it into a giant garbage heap. During routine garbage collection, WALL-E encounters a robotic egg-shaped creature, EVE, who has been sent as a probe by the Axiom spacecraft. Following his new robot friend, WALL-E is eventually transported to Axiom, where he conspires with EVE and the ship’s captain to revive life on Earth. There are a few extra layers of authenticity in this film, which will delight space enthusiasts: Pixar animators visited NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and watched a recording of a Mars Rover to make sure that the robot animations were realistic. And Axiom’s design is said to have been inspired by NASA paintings from the 1960s.

Planet 51 – Ideal for new perspectives

Planet 51_TriStar Photos

(Image credit: TriStar Pictures)
  • Release date: November 14, 2009
  • Recommended age : 10 and more

Have you ever wondered how aliens would react to humans? Planet 51 takes that question and turns it into a parody sci-fi movie. The green aliens in this film occupy Planet 51, a civilization that closely resembles the suburban ‘murika’ of the 1950s. The peaceful lives of these adorable aliens are interrupted by the accidental arrival of Charles T. Baker, an astronaut from the Earth which is mistaken for an alien zombie by the Army General on Planet 51. It’s a pretty entertaining movie, with Dwayne Johnson taking on the lead as the confused astronaut. There are a few little Easter eggs that adults will enjoy spotting (like the alien dog named Ripley), while kids should be entertained by the fairly broad humor.

Treasure Planet – Great for imaginative types

Treasure Planet_Walt Disney Studios

(Image credit: Walt Disney Studios)
  • Release date: November 17, 2002
  • Recommended age : 10 and more

Treasure planet is a sci-fi animated adaptation of RL Stevenson’s famous film Treasure island, but instead of pirate ships on the great ocean, we are treated to ships floating in space for this fantastic adventure. Set in a fictional layer of space called “Etherium,” the film follows Jim, a young boy, as he boards a solar-powered ship to find the titular treasure planet. Mutineer pirates, black holes and space storms threaten his mission. This isn’t the most scientifically accurate movie, but what it lacks in precision it makes up for with the imagination, creating a parallel galactic universe with space-like flying sea creatures (Orcus Galacticus) and pets-like to parrots (Morph).

Titan AE – Best Animated Space Action

Screenshot of Titan AE

(Image credit: Getty / 20th Century Fox)
  • Release date: June 13, 2000
  • Recommended age : 12 years and over

A mega opera from space, Titan AE is a cult classic, post-apocalyptic sci-fi animation, which is why it earned a spot on our list of the best kids’ animated space movies. It tells the story of humans on the brink of extinction, who struggle to survive in space after the decimation of Earth (the EA in the title refers to “After Earth”). Central characters Cale and Akima encounter and battle several intergalactic creatures during the film. The visualization of space is impressive in this film, introducing children to the scale of the universe. Titan AE eschews the usual nonsense of children’s animated films – this is a must-have for anyone who enjoys high octane action sequences and cool sci-fi concepts.

Space Jam – Ideal for laughing

Michael Jordan playing basketball_Space Jam_Warner Bros.

(Image credit: Warner Bros.)
  • Release date: November 15, 1996
  • Recommended age : 8 and more

Is it a sports movie? Is it a cartoon? Space jam is a bit of both and a very unique take on sci-fi with adorable cartoon characters. The Looney Tunes are kidnapped and brought to Moron Mountain, a fictional amusement park located in space. The only way to gain freedom is to play basketball, so Bugs Bunny and the Tune Squad kidnap legendary basketball star Michael Jordan. The fictional visualization of outer space is juxtaposed with actual shots of the basketball court, resulting in trippy visuals. The wacky interplay between the cartoon characters and Michael Jordan should thrill young viewers and give adults a healthy dose of nostalgia, making it not only one of the best space animated films for kids, but one too. for an older audience.

The Iron Giant – Ideal for a heartwarming story

  • Release date: Aug 6, 1999
  • Recommended age : 8 and more

The iron giant_AccuSoft Inc.

(Image credit: AccuSoft Inc.)

It’s not strictly defined in space, but it features an alien giant, so we’re counting it and adding it to our list of the best animated space movies for kids. A heartwarming sci-fi animated film, The iron giant tells the story of a friendship between a 50 foot tall metal alien and a young boy named Hogarth. While the alien is eager to learn more about – and enjoy – life on Earth, the U.S. government isn’t too happy to see it hanging around. Set in October 1957, when the Soviet Union launched Sputnik-1 (Earth’s first man-made satellite), the film takes audiences back to the start of the space race between the United States and the USSR.

Pinocchio in Outer Space – Best Space Fairy Tale

Pinocchio in space

(Image credit: Getty / Belvision)

A classic fairy tale set in space? Sign us up! Pinocchio in space prior to the first moon landing; this makes the animated film all the more fascinating to watch, as the film from the 60s presents pure fantasy in terms of space exploration. The children’s beloved character, Pinocchio, is joined by an alien, Nurtle, who leads him around Mars aboard a spaceship as they attempt to locate Astro, a deadly intergalactic space whale. In order to transform into a little boy from a puppet, Pinocchio must destroy Astro. An easy-to-follow retelling of a classic children’s story, it encourages kids to think about concepts like space travel and aliens. It’s also just a nice example of early animation – it can be hard to find, but try searching Amazon for used VHS tapes…

  • Release date: December 22, 1965
  • Recommended age : 6 and more


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