Ariva seeks to offer a “second life” to its users via Ariva Wonderland


Kiel, Germany – (Newsfile Corp. – Feb. 20, 2022) – Through Ariva’s metaverse and virtual reality-based initiative called Ariva Wonderland, users can enjoy a completely next-gen, unlimited travel experience, allowing them to go virtually wherever they want and build a “second life” in the digital space. Most recently, the Ariva team completed the first quarter of its roadmap and expects to begin the alpha testing phase shortly.

As for why such a project is important, people across the planet miss being able to travel freely to new regions and other nations while the global pandemic continues. Ariva Wonderland seeks to change that and provide a new type of travel experience without having to wait for the world to return to normal.

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Ariva Wonderland

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A new T2E metaverse experience

The T2E (Travel To Earn) concept has been gaining ground lately. Due to the aforementioned COVID-19 pandemic, many had lost their jobs and needed another source of income. This is where the idea of ​​T2E came into play as it allowed individuals around the world to earn money by completing certain objectives and participating in various games that supported this feature.

The team attaches great importance to sociality and provides users with unique experiences such as going to the cinema, holding meetings, traveling together, etc. They can also create unique items and display them as well as use them in the metaverse.

Ariva Wonderland seeks to combine the dynamics of life and the ultimate in fun into a one-of-a-kind travel experience. Branding and advertising features are included as well as various social spaces such as concerts to truly create a “second life”. ARV Tokens can be used to pay for travel costs to various stations that allow users to explore distant galaxies, make in-game purchases, and trade in items they may own or produce.

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Game Ariva

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A next generation travel experience

The most notable aspect of this metaverse is that it is a traveling universe. Each “crater” has an average of four global tourist centers, but it is not country specific. The Eiffel Tower, as well as the Egyptian pyramids, are located in the same crater, for example. In addition, a special “Dubai-only” crater will be created due to its growing importance in this industry, and only one VIP lot will be available for purchase in this crater during the first sale.

These will be metaverse replicas of their real-life in-game counterparts. As a result, the crew won’t be building an exact replica of something like the Eiffel Tower. Instead, people will be able to observe landmarks in the universe from different angles. Additionally, ERC-20 Ethereum and BEP-20 Ariva can be used to purchase NFTs and land. Land offered for sale by Ariva can also be acquired at a reduced price.

The second crucial problem is time travel. For example, if a player wishes to see the pyramids, they select “time travel” and go to the past where they will see the pyramids being built, and if they travel to the future, they will see an entirely different landscape d a futuristic landscape. perspective.

In addition, through the land sale action #1, the sale of land will be offered around the tourist symbols and the countries of the crater. These include the Statue of Liberty (USA), Christ the Redeemer (Brazil), Arc-De-Triomphe (France), Pura Lempuyang Temple (Indonesia), Gyeongbokgung Palace (Korea South), CCTV (China), Kusunoki Masashige Statue (Japan) and Mahabodhi Temple (India).

About Ariva

Ariva is a new blockchain platform that seeks to fill the gaps in the existing tourism industry by providing a next-generation blockchain-based ecosystem for the tourism and travel industry. It intends to influence the global industry by combining cutting-edge goods and services in its ecosystem.

This is divided into several important categories, including Ariva.World, Ariva.Finance, Ariva.Club, and Ariva Wonderland. In summary, we are all born to travel, and experiencing new things has evolved and made us live. Ariva Wonderland thus offers its customers an end-to-end travel-based and tourism-focused lifestyle.

You can find more information about Ariva Wonderland on the official website and on Facebook, Twitter, Discord and Instagram channels.

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